January 27, 2023

District fifteen community leader electron held 

District fifteen community leader electron held 

KABUL, Mar. 12 – Wakil-e-Guzar Elections, the election for the Wakeel-e-Guzar (neighborhood elder or community leader) of 15th District for the neighborhood 29 was held, as per the new rules of Kabul Municipality.

Habib-ur-Rehman Kohistani won the seat of Wakeeli Guzar by getting the votes of the people of the area. He will serve as the community leader for three years.

Wakil Guzar (neighborhood elder or community leader) is the middleman between the government and the community. As the community leader, he is generally elected by the community, and then registered by the municipal government. He serves as the aide or go-to person if the community seeks to make requests from the government, or conversely, if the government seeks information about the community or its members.

The Kabul Municipality first conducts elections in the districts where the Wakeeli Guzar dies, resigns or people complain about him, and then  the Kabul municipal extends the process to all districts.

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