October 04, 2022

Deputy Prime Minister meets with Ulama, seniors

Deputy Prime Minister meets with Ulama, seniors

KABUL, May 16 – Maulana Abdus Salam Hanafi, the administrative Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan met with a number of Ulama (religious scholars) and elders from northern Balkh and Jawzjan provinces in his office.

The scholars and seniors presented their suggestions on various issues, including the equivalence of Deeni Madaris (Religious Schools or Institutes of Islamic Education) documents of the overseas Afghans and bilateral issues and problems.

Maulana Hanafi assured them of the solutions to their problems and said that the concerned authorities were doing everything they could do to solve the problems of the people.

He said a plan to make equivalent to the documents of Madaris had been drawn up and would take effect soon.

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