January 28, 2023

Deputy PM visits Qushtepa Canal

Deputy PM visits Qushtepa Canal

BALKH, Dec. 07 – During his visit to Balkh Province, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, the administrative deputy prime minister of the IEA along with Chief Executive Officer of the National Development Company, Alhaj Abdul Rahman Attish and the delegation visited various parts of Qushtepa Canal.


Mr, Hanafi, expressed his satisfaction with the affairs of the canal and added that the planning and design of the second and third phase of the canal is also going on fast.

Chief Executive Officier of National Development Company, Abdul Rahman Attash, thanked the delegation and assured that the work of this great and national project will be carried out with integrity and patriotism as before.

Qushtepa Canal is one of the biggest projects of the National Development Company in the north of the country, in which over 3200 machines are currently working and the work is progressing very fast.

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