December 06, 2022

Deputy PM Meets Turkish Ambassador to Kabul

Deputy PM Meets Turkish Ambassador to Kabul

KABUL, Oct. 26 –  The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate,  Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, met with the Turkish ambassador to Afghanistan, Cihad Erginay, at ARG on Wednesday.

Deputy PM Kabir, while mentioning the friendly and historical relations between Afghanistan and Turkey, said that the trade relations between the two countries have boosted after the Islamic Emirate regain sovereignty in the country.

He appreciated the efforts of Turkey in the Heart of Asia Conference, the renovation of a monastery in Balkh province, as well as the implementation of humanitarian aid and development projects in Afghanistan and strengthening of relations between the two countries.

Kabir, shared details about the liaison commission with political figures and the facilities provided to them, stating that 380 political figures have returned to the country so far.

Erginay said renovation of the monastery, Kajki dam project in Helmand province, development of trade relations between Afghanistan and Turkey, and investment in Afghanistan in various fields by the investors of that country is a step further to strengthen ties with Afghanistan.

He sharied details, about the successful holding of the international meeting of scholars in Turkey and the participation of the delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid.

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