January 28, 2023

Deputy PM Meets Japanese Ambassador to Kabul

Deputy PM Meets Japanese Ambassador to Kabul

KABUL, Dec. 08 – Deputy Prime Minister of the IEA, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, met with Okada Takashi, the Japanese ambassador to Afghanistan, today.

The two sides discussed Japan’s development projects in Afghanistan, humanitarian aid, strengthening relations between the two countries and other issues of mutual interest.

Deputy PM called ties between the two countries historical, adding that Japan has always wanted peace in Afghanistan and expressed his gratitude for the new aid of $12.5 million for the voluntary return of Afghan refugees to their country through the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees.

He asked for more assistance from Japan to Afghanistan, especially in the field of implementation of more development projects by JICA.

Japan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, expressed his country’s resolve of helping Afghanistan and wants a stable and developed Afghanistan, assuring that Japan to pay more attention to Afghanistan in international meetings.

Ambassador Takashi pledged more facilities in the field of providing assistance to the people of Afghanistan, especially in remote areas.


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