January 28, 2023

Deputy PM Calls for Investment in the Country

Deputy PM Calls for Investment in the Country

KABUL, Nov. 27 – Honorable Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy Prime Minister, met yesterday with Seyyed Kamal Ishan, the head of the Sadat Group of Companies.

Mr. Ishan shared his advices and suggestions regarding the strengthening of domestic production, economic growth and trade expansion and asked for more support from the Islamic Emirate.

He also shared the problems of businessmen and investors in the north. The honorable Maulvi Abdul Kabir thanked them for advices and suggestions, and expressed that the Islamic Emirate is aware of the problems of traders and strives to solve it.

Respected Mawlawi Abdul Kabir added that Islamic Emirate welcomes suggestions, advices and investments for the growth of the economy while calling on all the Afghan businessmen to invest in the country and assured that IEA will provide businessmen with facilities and support within the limits of its capabilities.

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