October 04, 2022

Deputy Governor meets Mujahideen civilians

Deputy Governor meets Mujahideen civilians

NURISTAN, Aug. 3 – The Deputy Governor of Nuristan Province visited the recently conquered Bargamtal district in Nuristan province where he met the officials, the common people, including elders, youths, Ulama and so on.

The Deputy Governor listened to the people to know about their problems, offering the solutions to them and advising them on how to improve the situation in the region.

He also briefed the participants on the  orders of Amir al-Mumineen, in particular, the amnesty decree.

He called on the people to dissuade their children and relatives from working for the Kabul administration.

Respected Maulvi Amir Khan and  Maulvi Abdul Fatah spoke on behalf of the people of Bergental district, welcoming the Deputy Governor, while sharing with him the needs of their region and people and assured him of full cooperation on parts of the civilians.

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