September 25, 2022

Demand for peace and end of occupation from all corners

Demand for peace and end of occupation from all corners

An encouraging recent development is that the Afghan nation and specifically the Afghan political class are all in agreement that the principle cause for the ongoing crisis and war plaguing our homeland is foreign occupation and so long as these forces remain in our country, this problem will not find a resolution.

The recent days and weeks have witnessed demands of peace and end of occupation continuously echoing from every corner of the country. The gathering by politicians, political parties and all other strata of society are calling on America to sign the peaceful resolution agreement and refrain from further demands, reservations and excuses.

If on the one hand these voices for the end of occupation and support for peace are addressing America, then on the other, they are also admonishing the rulers of Arg headed by Ashraf Ghani from creating obstacles for peace in an effort to prolong their own corrupt and illegal rule. In recent time, the Afghans have repeatedly condemned American airstrikes and other lethal operations including the brutal night raids of the internal troops and labeled them actions in conflict with the spirit of the agreement.

These voices rising from all corners of the country indicate that all residents of this country are in agreement about the issue of ending the occupation. If the invaders and their supporters championing slogans of ‘rule of the people’ truly believe in respecting wishes of the people of Afghanistan then they must listen to these voices with open ears and begin acting upon them. They cannot silence voices of the Afghans with media censorship or other accusations but opposing such national demands will only further alienate them.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in concert with its believing and oppressed nation insists on the end of occupation and considers all delays and excuses in this path as reason for the continuation of the ongoing crisis. Hence, it calls on officials of the United States of America to take serious steps and fulfill their responsibility vis a vis success of this peace process.

The Islamic Emirate – that gives significant value to the welfare of its believing nation and independence of its homeland – has executed all its responsibilities in the ongoing negotiations process for the end of occupation and still views this process with utmost importance. But since one hand cannot clap, the other side must also recognize its responsibility by refraining from delay tactics and excuses and paying attention to the voice of the people.

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