December 10, 2022

Delegation of Iranian Ulama (scholars) meets Minster of Dawat-wal-Irshad

Delegation of Iranian Ulama (scholars) meets Minster of Dawat-wal-Irshad

KABUL, Nov. 16 –  A delegation of Iranian Ulama (scholars) led by Dr. Khairandish met Sheikh Mohammad Khalid in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul city, the county’s capital on Sunday.

To begin with, Dr. Khairandish, conveyed his congratulation to Sheikh Mohammad Khalid on the great victory of the Islamic Emirate, adding that this victory was the success of the Muslim Ummah (community); it was the cause of the revival of Islamic civilization.

He went on to say “creating this ministry is the cause of the consolidation of an Islamic system, too, and without this department a government is incomplete”.

Sheikh Mohammad Khalid Al-Hanafi, the Minister of Dawat-wal-Irshad (Propagation & Guidance) Amr bil Maroof wa Nahi anil Munkar (Enjoining Good & Forbidding Evil)  and Sam-i-Shikayaat (Complaint Hearing & Resolution), welcomed the delegation, saying,”we worship one Allah, believe in the Divine Decree and follow Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), and our weakness is our division, while united we are strong.

He stated, “Iran’s progress is our progress, we are all Muslims, the enemy wants to divide us into several different sects such as Sunnis and Shiites and so on and then turn us against one another so that we fight against each other.”

Finally, Maulana Zainullah, the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Interior, briefly said that divided the Muslims vanish into the darkness, adding that the United States is made up of dozens of states, whereas Muslims are divided into smaller countries, they have to stand united and cooperate with each other.

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