February 06, 2023

Convicted murderer faces public execution

Convicted murderer faces public execution

  BAGHLAN, Apr. 20 –  Qisas( an equal retributory punishment) was applied to a murderer convicted of murder as per decision issued by the Sharia panel code of the Islamic Emirate.

The head of the high Court in Baghlan province called upon the heirs of the victim to forgive the murderer and exchange Qisas for Diya (financial compensation paid to the heirs).  But the heirs strongly refused to forgive and accept monetary compensation.

The Islamic law Qisas (literally, Qisas means ‘equal retaliation’) allows people to give monetary compensation instead of receiving punishment for their crime.

Islamic Emirate’s sharia court issued Qisas and ordered execution of the murderer.

He was to be publically executed on Thursday, 11:30 in Baghlan province.

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