November 30, 2022

Construction of a key bridge started in Arghandab

Construction of a key bridge started in Arghandab

ZABUL, Nov. 08 – Reconstruction and repair work of a bridge over the Arghandab River in the Surkh Sang area of ​​Arghandab district has begun.

The bridge which connects four districts, including Arghandab, to the capital, was officially rehabilitated today by cutting the ribbon and will be completed at the coast of 3.6 million Afghanis..

Haji Safar Mohammad Qasim, acting director of public works in Zabul province, said: “Some parts of the bridge were destroyed due to severe floods and on the demand of the resident construction of this bridge has been started.

The road is expacted to be open to traffic during the winter rains,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that this project has provided employment to 60 people in the area.

Residents of the area are happy with the speedy reconstruction work of the IEA. They say the bridge will save time and energy while also demanding from Islamic Emirate to pay more attention to Arghandab district so that the people can enjoy the services of the government and they live better.

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