November 27, 2022

Conjoined Premiers and a sidekick Marshal!

Conjoined Premiers and a sidekick Marshal!

It seems that the twin premiers of the Kabul-based administration are inching ever closer to striking a power sharing agreement.

The power struggle between the conjoined rulers of Kabul regime began after last year’s supposed presidential elections – a process that was boycotted by absolute majority of the people with the winner barely receiving over nine hundred thousand votes including hundreds of thousands of disputed votes in a country with a population of over thirty five million people.

Keeping in mind past experiences, one could easily identify from the very onset that this drama would be detrimental to the both the country and its citizens. And that is exactly what happened – the elections plunged the country into a political crisis and power must now be shared among the various parties because of a power sharing agreement reached under foreign duress, a formula that has completely rubbished the notion of democracy and will of the people.

The potential winner of the election drama had publicly stated prior to the announcement of the final results that he is not open to splitting power in any future deals but as per his modus operandi, he backtracked from his promises to his supporters and surrendered to the terms of a power-sharing deal due to foreign pressure.

What is even more damning is that a clause in the potential deal shall bestow upon a notorious war criminal and a national traitor the rank of a Marshal. This individual is none other than the one whom was publicly called a murderer in 2009 by the head of Kabul administration yet was appointed as his first vice-president in 2014 and only two years earlier, he stripped the Kabul administration of whatever supposed dignity it had left because of sexual assault and torture allegations by this general against his political rival. This is the man that shall once again become a leading face of the Kabul administration.

Demands for a Marshal rank to such a notorious individual and coming to an agreement with him showcases the true nature of those fighting over power and how much they care about their citizens, country and superficial red lines (democracy).

The foreign political system imported to Afghanistan was a global icon for defeat, infamy and corruption from the very beginning however the latest developments have even further exposed to the nation the nature of those installed over them, how they have come to power and how committed they remain to their slogans.

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