January 30, 2023

Communists, the genesis of Afghan tragedy

Communists, the genesis of Afghan tragedy

If the 6th of Mizan is celebrated as a day the Islamic Emirate took over the capital Kabul, then it is also the day the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate implemented justice on Dr. Najib, the last head of the communist regime and the former chief of the bloodthirsty intelligence network, KHAD. It is on the occasion of this day that heated debates are once again taking place about the role of Afghan communists and Dr. Najib, with some religiously and historically ignorant individuals exerting efforts to portray Dr. Najib as an iconic national hero.

First thing to keep in mind is that communism was not only a fatuous, vicious and destructive phenomenon for Afghanistan but the entire humanity at large, ravaging and persecuting many nations of the world throughout the 20th century. Communism specifically proved to be a cancerous boil for Afghanistan that not only shook the foundations of our social fabric and peaceful coexistence, but caused irreparable harm to our homeland and people both materialistically and spiritually.

Afghanistan that had just breathed a sigh of relief after the volatile 19th century period was again thrown into the abyss of crisis and tragedy through the brutal Saur coup d’état of the communists that invited the Red Army into our sovereign homeland, began implementing at gunpoint the pagan views of Marx and Engels on our believing people, imprisoned and murdered our elites in concentration camps and those who survived were forced to flee their own country. Over the following 14-year rule, they destroyed over eighty percent of regions mainly rural villages, displaced half of the population, paralyzed national economy and lay waste to our country in every sense of the word.

Although war continued in Afghanistan following the collapse of the communist regime, the devastation left behind by the communist rule was such that the later strife could not even account for half the destruction.

As the communists are blameworthy and viewed as criminals by our faithful people, it was only befitting that they receive punishment for their actions. The execution of Dr. Najib was justified because it was these same communists who murdered many elites including multiple former presidents in a similar fashion. The fact that only Dr. Najib faced the consequences of his actions for the millions of murders is not surprising, rather it reflects the demand of the nation that was honored.

Given that our country is under occupation, such exceptional conditions will naturally affect common judgments and values. Such conditions give rise to the current stooge rulers to label their peers as heroes and those true heroes fighting for freedom as terrorists. But our nation specifically the younger generations must remain vigilant, they must view each individual and political phase through the prism of religious and Afghan values and pass judgments using these same scales. They must remember that communists laid the foundations for our forty-year tragedy and are the notorious criminals of our history.

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