November 26, 2022

Clear Policy of the Islamic Emirate

Clear Policy of the Islamic Emirate

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a committed force with a clear internal and external policy based on Islamic and national values. Independence of the country, end of the occupation and establishment of an all Afghan-inclusive Islamic system are the primary objectives of the Islamic Emirate. Likewise, it is committed to national unity and territorial integrity of the country, intending to develop an Islamic society, void of racial, tribal and geographical prejudices. The Islamic Emirate has been striving for obtainment of these goals from the past one and half decade. It does not believe in monopoly of power. Prosperity of the people and development of the country top the list of its economical objectives. Similarly, support of national projects and prevention of civilian casualties are part and parcel of the Islamic Emirate’s policy. As such, it has established a separate independent department in the Military Commission which works day and night for prevention of civilian casualties in the present war situation of the country.

The Islamic Emirate supports education and its dissemination. It is against ignorance and superstitions. In view of the Islamic Emirate, the criteria for honor and dignity is piety and qualification for a slot and position is merit and capability as per Islamic principles.

As for its external policy, it follows the policy of not harming others and nor letting others harm our country and the Islamic Emirate. Similarly, it does not allow others to use the soil of Afghanistan against anyone. This is not our mere claim but policy.

Protection of Islamic and national interests of the country is the guiding principle of our Jihadic and political struggles. Based on this criteria, the Islamic Emirate always makes efforts to establish political relations with neighboring and other countries of the world and maintain (good) relations with anyone on the basis of mutual respect and that they respect our legitimate objectives and view the Islamic Emirate as a political and military force of the country and deal with us in view of our national and Islamic objectives.

All members of the Islamic Emirate are striving for obtainment of the said Islamic and national aims, giving sacrifices and making achievements. This is the reason that despite wicked conspiracies and negative propaganda of the enemy, the Islamic Emirate is forging ahead in all fields, as a force being united and fused into one and if the Almighty Allah wills, the Islamic Emirate will continue forging ahead with the same pace.

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