Civilian Casualty Report 2017

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Commission for Military Affairs Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints   24th December 2017                                                                        […]

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Commission for Military Affairs

Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints


24th December 2017                                                                                                    05/04/1439 Hijri Lunar

2017 Civilian Casualty Report

The issue of Civilian Casualties during war is extremely troubling therefore the Islamic Emirate handles this matter very seriously due to its Islamic and national obligation.

So that civilian casualties are prevented during the ongoing Jihad in our country and that – Allah forbid – Mujahidin to not treat the subject of civilian casualties lightly hence the Islamic Emirate has made it absolutely clear that such behavior will not be tolerated.

On these basis, the Islamic Emirate has created an independent organ under the name ‘Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints’ to control, record and present cases of civilian casualties to courts so that such occurrences are handled in accordance with the rule of law, offenders are prosecuted and civilians are not sacrificed in future clashes and fighting. The department is also responsible for investigating and recording civilian casualty events caused by the invaders, Kabul regime security organs, corruption spreading groups and other criminal syndicates.

With the orders of the leader of Islamic Emirate, the department is tasked with duly, impartially and responsibly recording all civilian casualty events. To single out perpetrators, magnitude of losses and details of incident and to share their findings with the Leadership Office and Human Right organizations from time to time as well as publish reports in the media every six months.

In this process not only will the perpetrators of civilian casualties will be dealt with in accordance to the rule of law and Shariah but all sides truly concerned about civilian losses and working towards its prevention will be kept informed about the actual magnitude of incidents, the true perpetrators and about the sense of responsibly of Islamic Emirate in this regard. It is hoped that the publishing of such impartial reports will prove helpful in preventing civilian casualties.

Rest assured that this report by Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties of Islamic Emirate has been thoroughly researched and no indifference or tolerance has been shown towards any incident. All parties that frequently display concern about civilian casualties and wish to fulfill their obligation in identifying, reprimanding and punishing perpetrators – albeit those that live in areas under the control of Islamic Emirate – be they workers or non-workers the Islamic Emirate, the legal and religious organs of Islamic Emirate will spare no effort in their prosecution and punishment. And perpetrators of such incidents have also been introduced to the courts from time to time and all necessary steps have been taken against them.


Summary of Civilian Casualty for 2017

Over the course of 2017, the Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Complaints of Islamic Emirate has filed and registered nine hundred and twenty six (926) civilian casualty reports from all provinces of the country through its representatives, free media, tribal elders and ordinary locals which will be summarized in the following table.


Year Incidents US & Kabul Regime Mujahidin Daesh & Unknown
    Martyrs Injured Martyrs Injured Martyrs Injured
2017 926 1186 1253 163 117 294 607



Summary: Number of Martyrs
Month Incidents Martyrs Male Female Children Martyrs by US-hirelings Martyrs by Mujahidin Martyrs by Daes/Unknown
Jan-Jun 404 689 495 84 110 424 84 181
Jul 102 191 136 26 29 169 15 7
Aug 119 170 116 23 31 120 38 12
Sep 99 159 115 20 24 124 16 19
Oct 87 191 165 7 19 134 6 51
Nov 71 139 89 24 26 121 4 14
Dec 44 104 82 10 12 94   10
Total 926 1643 1198 194 251 1186 163 294


Percentage of Martyrs:

72% fatalities are attributed to American invaders and Kabul regime (ANA, Police, Intelligence and Militia).

10% fatalities are attributed to Mujahidin.

18% fatalities are attributed to Daesh and unknown gunmen.


Summary: Number of Injured
Month Incidents Injured Male Female Children Injured by US-hirelings Injured by Mujahidin Injured by Daesh/Unknown
Jan-Jun 404 1041 781 78 182 459 61 521
Jul 102 183 121 12 50 161 14 8
Aug 119 257 139 36 82 245 9 3
Sep 99 119 53 31 35 116 3 0
Oct 87 169 107 23 39 100 15 54
Nov 71 106 52 19 35 92 14 0
Dec 44 101 60 12 29 80 0 21
Total 926 1976 1313 211 452 1253 117 607


Percentage of Martyrs:

63% injuries are attributed to American invaders and Kabul regime (ANA, Police, Intelligence and Militia).

6% injuries are attributed to Mujahidin.

31% injuries are attributed to Daesh and unknown gunmen.

Samples of Major Civilian Casualty Incidents

The Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties wants to give a few samples of major civilian casualty incidents where the invaders and their local mercenary forces have brazenly targeted civilians and their homes.


On 13/05/1438 [10/02/2017] at around 10:30 pm at night, aircraft of foreign invaders bombed the home of a civilian – Fida Muhammad Aka – in Chinari area of Sangin district resulting in 13 civilians martyred including the house owner, his 4 sons (Muhammad Wali, Khan, Nasibullah and Bacha Agha), 2 wives, 4 daughters, daughter-in-law and grandson.

On the same night another home of a civilian – Bacha Agha – was bombed by fighter jets in Mati Lakarhi area in which 9 of his family members were martyred including his six sons (Fuji, Sett, Agha Lalai, Razi Gul, Sultan Aziz and Muhammad Mirwaise), 2 daughters and his wife.

Our media correspondent reported that on 16/10/2017 that an unmanned drone of foreign invaders targeted a civilian hatchback vehicle in Group Shash area between Nad Ali and Marjah districts yesterday afternoon time in which 2 male, 2 female and 1 child were martyred.

On 14/11/2017, another drone strike against a civilian vehicle took place on Kokak mountain located between Sangin and Greshk districts at around 02:00 pm local time in which 5 tribal elders were martyred while travelling to a nearby area to mediate a dispute between two tribes.

On 20/11/2017, foreign invaders bombed 7 homes at 11:00 pm last night close to Musa Kala district center in which 10 family members including women and children were martyred in one house while no human losses were reported in the 6 other destroyed homes.



On 03/03/2017 the worker of Department for Prevention of Civilian Casualties (DPCC) reported that last night, aircrafts of foreign invaders bombed a house in Malkhelo area close to Olgi Bazaar of Arghandab district from which 9 male members of the household along with 2 female and 2 children were killed as well as 3 more children seriously wounded.



On 05/03/2017 the worker of DPCC reported that yesterday afternoon at around 03:00 pm local time, enemy planes bombed in Tapa-e-Saadat area close to Zerkh Sahib Ziyarat in Farah Rod district resulting in 20 civilians killed and wounded. The incident happened following Mujahideen attack on enemy convoy which in turn indiscriminately targeted local homes with mortars and heavy weaponry, prompting the locals to seek shelter. As one vehicle was fleeing the area, enemy helicopters bombed it from which 8 children were martyred and 12 more women and children were wounded.

Names of Martyrs:

  1. Son of Abdul Bari 2. Son and daughter of Haji Ghulam Nabi 3. Two daughters of Musa Aka
  2. Two sons and daughter of Laal Muhammad

12 more family members of the said persons travelling in the same vehicle were injured and all belonged to Azo village.


Earlier in the same year on 31/01/2017, enemy indiscriminate shelling and airstrikes on Shewan area of Bala Baluk district killed and wounded 17 civilians. Our correspondent reports that the incident occurred when Mujahideen engaged hirelings troops that arrived at area with machinery to bulldoze homes and shops, prompting the enemy to targeted civilian homes were heavy weapons from which an SPG-9 round hit the home of Haji Muhammad Khan, leaving 8 family members including women and children injured.

The wife and mother of Razo Aka were also seriously wounded when helicopters bombed his home in the same area.

Airstrikes also wounded the infant son (Ibrahim) of Mirza and infant son of Karim Khan were wounded.

Another local (Khudai Nazar) was similarly wounded by airstrikes.

Another enemy explosives round hit a field in the adjacent Hazki area from which 4 civilians were injured namely a child – Tarhir s/o Isamuddin – and three teenagers – Nizam s/o Muhiuddin, Abdul Shukoor s/o Abdul Ghafoor and Talib s/o Alauddin.



On 23/05/2017 following the takeover of Daraboom district center by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, an enemy convoy arrived to rescue its troops and retake the district by resorting to indiscriminate tactics of targeting all surrounding villages and homes with mortars and heavy artillery fire which inflicted huge financial and human losses on the locals.

According to reports a total of 37 civilians including women and children were killed and wounded from which 22 were martyred and 15 wounded.

The names of martyred include:

– Laal Muhammad, his wife, niece and daughter-in-law from Kharbadi area

– Sher s/o Zareen, Abdul Wali s/o Assal, Ismat s/o Amir, daughter of Akhtar, 9 children, 2 seasonal farm workers and 4 other civilians whose names have not yet been received.

The wounded include Haji Momin Khan, his wife, daughter-in-law, 12 year old daughter, 7 year old son and 10 other family members mostly children.


On 22/09/2017 enemy aircraft bombed a funeral procession in Lala Bae area of Jwand district from which 3 civilians were martyred and 12 others wounded.

The names of martyrs are Abdullah s/o Mahmud, Sher s/o Yahya from Chahr Dara area and Abdul Kher s/o Muhammad Laal from Panjboz area.

The names of injured are Abdul Karm s/o Abdul Salam, Mullah Nek Muhammad s/o Amir Bae, Abdullah s/o Rahim, Abdul Qadir s/o Reza Gul, Sher s/o Abdul Aziz, Nisar s/o Muhammad Khan, Abdul s/o Muhayuddin, 3 women and 2 children.



On 09/03/2017 aircraft of foreign invaders bombed the vehicle of tribal elders in Essa Khelo area of Chahr Dara district from which 5 elders all aged between 50-70 years namely Abdul Majeed s/o Afzal, Haji Abdul Rauf s/o Abdul Hameed, Abdul Muhammad s/o Sheikh Muhammad, Muhammad Tali s/o Haji Sultan and Malim Sakhi Daad s/o Muhammad Nazar were martyred.

The elders were going back to their homes after travelling to a nearby area to mediate a dispute.

On 16/03/2017 aircraft of foreign forces civilian homes in Qarya Yateem’s Madrasa area of Chahr Dara district from which 4 family members namely Abdul Sattar s/o Haji Jalil, his son Akhtar Muhammad, wife and daughter-in-law were martyred and 4 more family members (3 daughters and grandson) injured.

On 04/11/2017 foreign invaders carried out indiscriminate aristrikes on the homes, mosques and livelihoods Qatal Aam, Uzbek Bazaar, Sar Asyaab, Essa Khel and Wardago areas of Chahr Dara district from which 10 civilians were martyred and 5 others wounded on top of huge financial losses.

The martyrs include 21 year old Rizwanullah s/o Khiyal Muhammad, 22 year old Abdul Ahad s/o Ustaz Neik Muhammad, 20 year old Noori s/o Jamal, 23 year old Muhammad Ibrahim s/o Ashoor Baba, 38 year old Muhammad Islam s/o Muhammadullah, 45 year old Muhammad Azeem s/o Muhammadullah, 17 year old Hafiz Zainullah s/o Saeedullah, 22 year old Qari Fazl Muhammad s/o Noor Muhammad, 17 year old Rafiullah s/o Ustaz  Nasir and 70 year old Ghulam Sakhi Bae s/o Baba Nazar.

The 5 wounded civilians are 70 year old Haji Muhammad Daad s/o Muhammad, 39 year old Muhammad Saeed s/o Rozi Khan Qassab, 13 year old Muhammad Rahim s/o Saleh Muhammad, 18 year old Samiullah s/o Ali Muhammad and 15 year old Hafiz Ihsanullah s/o Noor Ali.

Financial losses include 20 homes along with all its possessions, wheat, rice and cotton processing machines, transport truck, 36 tonne cotton and 1.8 tonne wheat.



On 14/07/2017 our DPCC worker from Uruzgan province reported that last night at around 11:00 pm local time, foreign invaders raided civilian homes in Lwarh Darweshan area of the provincial capital during which they caused casualties to 23 civilians.

Report says that during the raid which lasted till 02:30 am local time, the enemy indiscriminately targeted civilian homes with indiscriminate firing and airstrikes resulting in 6 civilians martyred and 17 others wounded.

Similarly a local resident whose family members were wounded in the raid says that 5 civilians including women and children were martyred and 25 others were wounded.

He testifies that the home of Akhtar Muhammad in Mulla Pae Muhammad Akhund area was bombed by aircrafts resulting in 5 children namely Jamilullah s/o Akhtar Muhammad, Mustapha s/o Jalil, Saifullah s/o Wakil, Janan s/o Sabir and Akram s/o Saeed along with 3 women from the home of Noor Ahmad were wounded whereas 2 women from the home of another local – Muhammad Jan Lala – were also martyred.

He ends by saying that he has not yet received the names or family names of other martyrs and injured.

On 10/07/2017 enemy aircraft bombed a civilian home during an operation in Mehrabad area of the capital Tarinkot resulting in 4 women martyred and another woman wounded as well as the house heavily damaged.



On 24/07/2017 the DPCC worker from Faryab reported that enemy forces indiscriminately bombed civilian homes in Mullah Arifi, Kalni, Chishma Sangin and Dur Qala areas of Lolash district from which 8 civilians were martyred and 21 others seriously wounded.

In Arifi area the son and 2 daughters of Haji Mullah Ghafoor were injured, wife of Hameedullah was martyred and 2 children wounded, wife of Mullah Izzat was martyred and his daughter and 2 sons were wounded, son of Haji Momin was martyred and another wounded while Abullah s/o Sa’aduddin was also martyred.

In Kalani area the son and daughter of Haji Qalandar were wounded, 2 daughters of Haji Abdul Hameed were martyred and 2 sons wounded.

In Chishma Sangin area 3 children of Sayed Noorullah as well as the son and daughter of Abdul Ahad were wounded.

In Dur Qala area the daughter of Ghulam and mother of Ahmad Shah were wounded while 2 daughters of Kazim were martyred and his wife and infant son were wounded.

On 11/08/2017 a mortar round fired by enemy forces landed inside the home of Haji Ahmad Shah in Trut Atta area of Dawlatabad district resulting in 11 children including 2 pregnant women martyred as well as 4 more children wounded.



On 03/03/2017 our media correspondent reported that at 02:00 pm local time in Darqad district’s Qumgozar area, fighter jets of foreign invaders bombed local from which 5 civilians including 2 children were martyred and 7 other civilians were wounded.



On 22/05/2017 the worker of DPCC reported that joint foreign and local hirelings carried out barbaric raids on local homes Dohem Farm area of Bati Kot district during which they carried out airstrikes on homes, compounds and tents from which 5 civilians including 3 children were martyred and9 others seriously wounded whereas a car and over 50 livestock were destroyed and farms damaged.

On 25/06/2017 airstrikes by foreign invaders on Pekha Tangi area of Achin district resulted in the martyrdom of 16 members of a civilian family.

Pictures of the victims were circulated on social media while the news agency of Daesh group ‘Amaq’ also reported the incident and published pictures of the 16 victims of a single family. The MoD of Kabul regime published a report stating that Afghan air force carried out airstrikes on Achin district in Nangarhar resulting in the killing of 12 opposition members and destruction of 7 hideouts.

On 23/07/2017 the worker of DPCC reported that foreign invaders carried out an airstrike on a funeral procession in Marez Kandaw area of Haska Mena resulting in 13 civilians including 4 children martyred and 8 others wounded.

On 10/08/2017 foreign invaders targeted a family vehicle fleeing the fighting with an airstrike during an operation in Paen area of Haska Mena district from which 8 civilians including women and children were martyred. A secondary airstrike targeted locals that arrived to take away the victims from which 6 more civilians were martyred and 4 wounded.

On 15/09/2017 foreign invaders along with their hirelings raided Sabar’s Khanano area of Pachir Agam district during which they brutally martyred 8 members of a family in cold blood and kidnapped another.

On 16/10/2017 foreign invaders and their hirelings brutally martyred 5 civilians and wounded 6 others during a raid on civilian homes in DoAab area of Hisarak district.

On 24/10/2017 the worker of DPCC reported that last night foreign invaders and their hirelings raided civilian homes in No. 29 Wiyala area of Ghani Khel district during which they blew up compound gates with explosives, ransacked homes, stole valuables, cold bloodedly martyred 7 civilians namely three sons of Sayed Hakim (Haji Attaullah, Jamilullah and Khair Muhammad), three sons of Mado (Ismail, Umar and Abdul Sammad) and the son of Ishaq (Yaqub) from Achin district’s Bando area who was working as a day laborer. The enemy also kidnapped 6 more innocent villagers.

On 06/12/2017 joint foreign and hireling troops raided civilian homes in DoAab area of Hisarak district during which they brutally martyred 4 sons of a local Awal Gul and the son of Sur Gul.

At the same time a mosque housing civil infringement prisoners was bombed in Ghwagezi area from which all 15 civilians were martyred.



On 29/08/2017 the DPCC worker reported that enemy aircraft bombed civilians in Bakhtabad area of Zer Koh region, Shindand district, from which 16 civilians were martyred and 6 wounded.

The martyrs include the wife of Awuz, wife of Ali Muhammad, wife of Noor Ahmad, wife of Sarwar, wife of Zalmai, wife of Jumma Khan, Adam Khan, 3 female family members of Jumma Khan, 3 female family members of Nisar Ahmad and 3 others whose identity has not yet been confirmed.

The wounded 2 female family members of Noor Ahmad, wife of Khair Muhammad, wife of Ali Muhammad and identity of 2 others is not yet known.

On 02/08/2017 a bomb blast claimed by Daesh group inside a Shia mosque in Bakrabad area of Herat capital left 39 civilians dead and 57 others wounded.



On 19/09/2017 the worker of DPCC reported that last night joined enemy forces raided Lalak and Zarak areas of Khakrez district during which they forced their way inside homes before cold bloodedly shooting in the head and martyring at point blank range 3 children, 4 white bearded elders and 12 youth in the courtyards of their homes.

The enemy also blew up 2 homes with explosives, torched 3 tractors, 2 hatchback vehicles and 12 motorbikes, beat several elders with rifle butts before kidnapping 9 villagers.

On 27/11/2017 invaders and hirelings raided the homes of civilians in Band Taimoor area of Maiwand district during which airstrikes were also carried out resulting in 6 civilians including 3 brothers from one home, 2 brothers from another and individual of a third home were martyred.

The enemy also set fire to 7 vehicles, 4 Zaranj motorbikes and 16 normal motorbikes while kidnapping 12 villagers.


Maidan Wardak

On 22/11/2017 combined enemy forces raided a Madrasa (religious seminary) in Umar Khelo area of Nerkh district during which they brutally martyred 10 students while also martyring another civilian (Habibullah s/o Haji Zaitullah from Karim Daad area) inside his own home.



On 16/07/2017 a wedding vehicle passing in front of the home of Second Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq in PD3 of Kabul city was fired upon by his guards from which 2 civilians including the bride were martyred and 4 others including the father of groom (still in coma) were injured.



On 10/08/2017 aircraft of foreign invaders bombed the home of a civilian (Wakil) in Dashti Bari area of Logar capital from which 11 civilians were martyred and 12 others seriously wounded.

The said family were of the Zadran tribe who had recently returned refugees from Pakistan. The martyrs include 5 women, 3 girls and 3 boys while the wounded include 3 women, 2 girls, 4 infants and a man.



On 28/09/2017 the worker of DPCC reports invaders carried out airstrikes on Per Koti area of Urgun district resulting in martyrdom of 6 civilians and injuries to 4 more.

Another civilian was hit and martyred by Mujahidin fire.



On 12/10/2017 a DPCC worker reported that yesterday at around 03:30 pm local time, 2 homes of locals in Gul Dara area of Tsoki district were bombed by aircraft of foreign invaders from which 14 civilians including women and children were martyred and 3 others seriously wounded.


On 24/11/2017
joint enemy forces raided and later bombed a local home in Afghania area of Najrab district from which the home owner, 2 women and 3 children were martyred.


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