December 04, 2022

Ceasefire must be attained through the Agreement

Ceasefire must be attained through the Agreement

Despite the fact that American and internal officials have continually violated the agreement signed in Doha as common people lose their lives in the daily bombings and night raids and the prisoner exchange issue is hampered by the Kabul admin officials as inmates threatened by the coronavirus that should have been released in accordance with the agreement remain jailed, yet the Kabul administration insists upon forwarding demands unrelated with the agreement in order to divert attention away from the core issue at hand.

This is the umpteenth time that Ashraf Ghani has asked for a ceasefire from the Islamic Emirate but at the same time, he continues to remain an obstacle for the implementation of the agreement through which all sides could have ended the occupation, begun intra-Afghan negotiations and finally attained a ceasefire and dispute resolution.

The agreement signed in Doha explicitly mentions the issue of a ceasefire but has sequenced it in the later phases of the agreement. The agreement initially focuses on the withdrawal of foreign forces and the exchange of prisoners so that a pathway is opened for intra-Afghan negotiations. The issue of a ceasefire will be a topic in the intra-Afghan negotiations which shall be implemented after an agreement is reached (among all sides).

The Islamic Emirate once again reiterates that we remain committed only to what we have signed upon in the agreement. We believe that the sole path towards a resolution is to implement the agreement as sequenced phase by phase. We also call upon the opposition to give precedence to agreement implementation instead demands that are irrational and before their time and to refrain from ineffective delay tactics.

Ashraf Ghani and the Kabul administration officials are pretending as if this war is being waged from one side only. They are only demanding things from the Islamic Emirate and consider ending this war a unilateral responsibility of the Islamic Emirate even as they continue their own bombing and military campaigns. A number of biased media outlets and individuals are also focusing their attention towards one side and are forgetting that a framework for finding a political resolution to the Afghan issue has already been signed upon in Doha which was not only welcomed by all Afghan political parties and supported by regional and international countries but also endorsed by the United Nations.

Now that the Kabul admin officials are turning away from approved agreement, are showing reservation about its implementation and have additional demands then such is their own problem for which the Islamic Emirate cannot be held responsible.

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