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    June 17, 2016

    Gunman killed in Jumma Bazar, motorbike seized

    FARYAB, June. 17 – An enemy gunman has reportedly been killed, his motorbike and rifle seized amid a Mujahideen ambush in Ghazali area of Jumma Bazar district at 2:00 pm local time today.

    6 killed and wounded amid Jamiat and Junbish commanders gunfight

    FARYAB, June. 17 – Reports say a Junbish militiaman was killed as well as 2 Jamiat gunmen were killed with 2 others wounded amid their internal gunfight in Jaghatak area of Almar district overnight. Similarly at at noon hours today a key Jamiat gunman – Hashim – was killed in Kata Kala area of Pashtunkot […]

    Ambush kills police in Farah, weapon seized

    FARHA, June. 17 – A policemen was killed and his weapon seized after being ambushed close to Mula Lealo area of Pushtkoh district overnight.

    ANA commander arrested in Chilgazy

    FARYAB, June. 17 – Officials say a hireling commander – Sayad Ahmad – hailing from Nangarhar province’s Khogyano district was arrested during an operation in Karez area of Chilgazy district on Thursday.

    Firefight kills 2 Arbakis, hurts another in Khas Uruzgan

    URUZGAN, June. 17 – Reports arriving from Khas Uruzgan district state that at 3:30 pm local time on Thursday heavy clashes took place against hireling troops in Shaiper area, during which 2 local militiamen were killed and another one – Jagi – deadly wounded with both legs clipped.

    Policeman surrenders in Nad Ali

    HELMAND, June. 17 – A policeman – Haji Khan s/o Haji Wali Jan – has reportedly laid arms before Mujahideen by repenting their mistakes in Chanjeer area of Nad Ali district at noon hours yesterday.

    2 minions killed amid Gerishk shooting

    HELMAND, June. 17 – At least 2 ANP gunmen were killed close to Kandahar terminal on Herat road by a sniper at around 9:30 pm local time on Thursday.

    Sniper takes out 2 gunmen in Nawa

    HELMAND, June. 17 – According to reports 2 policemen were killed by sniper fire in Shorshorak area of Nawa district overnight.

    Gunman shot dead by sniper

    HELMAND, June. 17 – An ANA trooper was killed on the sport by after being shoot by sniper in Camp area of Marjah district earlier today.

    IED destroys enemy tank in Maiwand

    KANDAHAR, June. 17 – At around 9:00 am early morning yesterday a landmine destroyed a hireling tank in Germawok Karez area of Maiwand district, killing and wounding all gunmen abroad.

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