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    4 killed, vehicles destroyed as enemy convoy faces Mujahideen ambush
    June 18, 2016

    4 killed, vehicles destroyed as enemy convoy faces Mujahideen ambush

     WARDAK, June 18 – Late Saturday the Islamic Emirate’s combatants opened fire on the militarily-guarded convoy with loads of supplies in Syed Abad district of Wardak province, forcing it into a halt. At least four puppets part of the escort security forces were killed and three others were wounded in the resulting firefight, where Mujahideen […]

    Mujahideen attacks leave 2 minions dead, 3 injured

     NANGARHAR, June 18 – A puppet soldier while on guard duty outside a check post was shot and killed in a sniper attack in Mohmand Darah district of Nangarhar province early today. Later, a bomb blast left an Arbaki lapdog dead and a further two more wounded in the aforesaid district of Nangarhar province. In […]

    NDS officer killed, guard injured

    KABUL, June 18 – Early Saturday Mohammad Hajji, an officer of NDS was shot dead and his guard was wounded in a surprise attack in Qarabagh district of Kabul province.

    Enemy post attacked; one killed

     PAKTIA, June 18 – An enemy posts located in Syed Karam district of southeastern Paktia province came under a nighttime raid by Mujahideen yesterday night, prompting a gunfight, a report said but gave no casualty toll. In a report from neighboring Khost province, a puppet soldier was sniped and killed in a targeted attack in […]

    2 killed as enemy forced to abandon combat post

    GAHZNI, June 18 – Two policemen were killed and one was wounded after Mujahideen conducted attacks on the enemy posts in Shalgar district of Ghazni province late Saturday. In another report from Ghazni, Mujahideen fighters raided the enemy post in the said province yesterday night, causing the enemy heavy losses. The enemy was forced to […]

    One killed, one injured in Kunar attacks

    KUNAR, June 18 – A puppet soldier was killed with another one wounded in separate attacks in Surkani district of Kunar province on Saturday. Also Saturday, there were clashes between Mujahideen and the enemy in Surkani district of the province but the enemy casualty toll is not clear.

    Arbaki commander, his guard killed, 2 guards injured

    JOWZJAN, June 18 – Najib, an Arbaki commander and one of his gunmen were killed, while two others were terribly injured in conflict caused by Mujahideen surprise attack in northern Jowzjan province on Friday.

    Enemy post attacked in Khost

    KHOST, June 18 – A number of the puppets are said to have been killed or wounded in an a heavy arms attack Mujahideen fighters conducted on the enemy post in Sabri district of southeastern Khost province on Friday.

    Arbaki killed in targeted attack

    LOGAR, June 18 – Mujahideen shot and killed an Arbaki lapdog and seized his weapon in a surprise attack in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province yesterday night.

    1 killed, 1 hurt as enemy post attacked in Wardak

    WARDAK, June 18 – A puppet soldier was killed and another one was wounded in a clash with Mujahideen in Chak district of Wardak province last night.

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