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    News Archives - Page 2188 of 2192 - Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Исламский Эмират Афганистан.

    June 15, 2016

    Enemy offensive pushed back in Zabul

    ZABUL, June. 15 – At around 10:00 am local time yesterday Mujahideen repelled enemy offensive in Zangle village of Atghar district and forced them to flee after suffering heavy casualties.

    Gunman shot dead by sniper in Ghormach

    BADGHIS, June. 15 – According to Al Emarah news, late afternoon hours on Tuesday a hireling check post guard was killed by sniper fire close to Khadi area of Ghormach district.

    Minion killed amid ambush in Farah

    FARAH, June. 15 – Reports say that a hireling trooper was killed after being ambushed by Mujahideen in Mula Aman Madrasi area of Pushtrod district early morning on Tuesday.

    Over 30 killed as strategic base overrun in Maiwand, equipment seized

    Over 30 killed as strategic base overrun in Maiwand, equipment seized

    KANDAHAR, June. 15 – Amid ongoing annual Omari campaign, Mujahideen launched coordinated attacks on a large strategic military base in Band Taimore area of Maiwand district midnight yesterday, says a report. According to details attacks of heavy and light weapons lasted till early morning hours, overrunning the base entirely as well as killing 32 puppets […]

    Bombing kills commander, hurts 3 others in Tarinkot

    URUZGAN, June. 15 – A hireling commander – Esmat – was killed and his 3 guards were deadly wounded after a roadside bomb ripped through the vehicle of the said commander in Kakrak area of capital Tarinkot at 6:00 pm on Tuesday.

    June 14, 2016

    Enemy convoy intercepted in Faryab

    FARYAB, June. 14 – According to Al Emarah news, Mujahideen attacked a hireling convoy in Kunjak area of Chilgazy district at 10:00 am early morning today. Attacks in which heavy and light arms were used lasted till noon hours, resulted in heavy casualties to enemy however the exact toll is yet to be determined. It […]

    Policeman surrenders in Sangin, brings in APC

    HELMAND, June. 14 – A policeman has reportedly left enemy ranks by repenting his mistakes in Chini Manda area of Sangin district earlier today, bringing an APC, 1 SPG-9 tube, 1 heavy machine gun, 2 rifles and other equipment to Mujahideen.

    Ambush kills Arbaki in Shinki, weapon seized

    ZABUL, June. 14 – According to reports a local militant – Fazal Muhammad – was killed close to his compound in Sado Khan village of Shinki district amid a Mujahideen ambush midday today.

    IED destroyed APC in Maiwand

    KANDAHAR, June. 14 – At around 7:00 am local time on Monday a landmine ripped through a hireling APC in Yasin Karez area of Maiwand district, leaving all gunmen killed or injured abroad.

    7 killed and wounded as APC destroyed in Marjah

    HELMAND, June. 14 – An enemy tank has been destroyed by RPG fire in Camp area of Marjah district early this morning. Similarly at least 7 gunmen were killed or wounded after an enemy patrol bombed in the said area.

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