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    June 19, 2016

    3 minions killed in Paktia

    PAKITA, June 19 –At least two policemen were killed and many others wounded in an exchange of fire with Mujahideen Ahmad Abad district of Paktia province. In the province’s Zazi Aryub district, Mujahideen pounded the enemy post with heavy weapons but the size of the enemy losses has not been confirmed yet. According to a […]

    Arbaki commander wounded Logar; installations attacked

    LOGAR, June 19 – Hadi, a notorious Arbaki commander was badly wounded in a Mujahideen attack in Baraki Barak district of Logar province on Sunday. The target was rushed to Kabul for medical treatment. In another report from Logar, Mujahideen stormed the installation of district of Azrah and its surrounding checkpoints. The losses exacted on […]

    Two killed, one hurt in Khost attacks

    KHOST, June 19 – Two policemen were killed and one wounded in a bomb attack in Khost province on Sunday. Also Sunday, Mujahideen attacked the enemy posts in Zazi Maidan district of this province but the enemy casualty toll is not determined.  

    Two puppets killed in eastern Afghanistan

    KUNAR, June   19 – Mujahideen attacked three of the enemy posts in Watapur district of eastern Kunar province and left one puppet dead. In another attack, Mujahideen and the enemy soldiers clashed in the provincial capital of Kunar province. The resulting losses inflicted on the enemy are unknown. In a report from neighboring Nooristan province, […]

    Four injured in bomb attack

    BAGHLAN, June 19 – Jan Baz Khan, an officer and three soldiers were injured in a landmine blast in Poli Khomri district of northern Baghlan province on Saturday morning. A mine disposal expert had two his legs cut off in the explosion.

    2 Arbaki lapdogs injured as Mujahideen attack post

     NANGARHAR, June 19 – Two Arbakis were wounded during an exchange of fire with Mujahideen following Mujahideen attack on the enemy post in Pachir Agam district of Nangarhar province on Sunday night.

    Police taken down in Balkh attack

    BALKH, June 19 – A policeman was killed with one hurt in the provincial capital of Balkh province early Sunday night when a roadside bomb blast ripped into the vehicle the police were riding in.

    6 including commander surrender in Chora

    URUZGAN, June. 19 – Officials say a hireling commander – Salih Muhammad s/o Baz Muhammad – has surrendered before Mujahideen along with his 5 colleagues in the surroundings of Chora district earlier today, handing 2 rifles and a pistol to Mujahideen.

    Hireling airstrikes martyr 3 villagers, wounds 11 in Dehrawod

    Hireling airstrikes martyr 3 villagers, wounds 11 in Dehrawod

    URUZGAN, June. 19 – A heavy gunfight erupted after Mujahideen engaged enemy troops arriving Gari Bazar area for a night raid to lay siege of said area overnight. Gunfight continued till late night hours, forcing them to flee after suffering serious toll however exact number of casualties is unknown yet. The coward enemy then heavily […]

    Policeman ambushed in Tarinkot, another one surrenders

    URUZGAN, June. 19 – A police trooper was killed amid a Mujahideen ambush in Aziz Agha Misjid area of the capital Tarinkot overnight. Another policeman – Muhibullah s/o Muhammad Aka – has repented his mistakes and switch side to Mujahideen in surroundings of the capital earlier today.

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