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    June 21, 2016

    Enemy offensive repelled in Bala Baluk

    FARAH, June. 21 – A heavy gunfight erupted after Mujahideen engaged enemy combined troops launching an offensive against Mujahideen positions in Sheikh Lala area of Bala Baluk district overnight. Firefight of about 30 mints, forced the enemy to flee after suffering heavy casualties.

    Arbakis brutally martyr villager in Greziowan

    FARYAB, June. 21 – A recent report from Greziowan district states that local militiamen have brutally martyred a villagers on the charges of links with Mujahideen in front of common people in Tagab Shab Bazar area early this morning.

    Hireling airstrikes martyr a shepherd, wounds woman in Faryab

    FARYAB, June. 21 – Reports say a shepherd was martyred and a women deadly wounded after enemy bombarded Greziowan district yesterday.

    Suspects were placed down for investigations from 3 cars in Gerishk district

    Suspects were placed down for investigations from 3 cars in Gerishk district

    HLEMAND, June. 21 – At least 27 suspects were taken into custody from 3 buses on rout from Kandahar to Herat province last night. The operation was performed in accordance with accurate intelligence information. After preliminary information the cars and other passengers were allowed to go but 27 people who according to our information belong to Kabul regime’s […]

    Landmine kills police, hurts another in Babaji

    HELMAND, June. 21 – Officials say at 4:00 pm local time on Monday a police patrol came under a Mujahideen bombing in Mamor Api area of Babaji district, leaving a gunmen killed on the spot and wounding another one.

    June 20, 2016

    Enemy military base come under attacks

    GHAZNI, Jun. 20 – The Islamic Emirate’s fighters attacked the enemy base in the provincial capital of Ghazni province on Sunday, causing the enemy heavy losses. Similarly, Mujahideen attacked the aforesaid base on Saturday without knowing the size of the losses. In the province’s Shalgar district, Mujahideen attacked the enemy post. The death and injury […]

    Commander along with guard wounded in Maiwand

    KANDAHAR, June. 20 – At around 8:00 am local time today Mujahideen detonated a mine at a hireling commander – Salamoki – in Germawok area of Maiwand district, leaving the said commander and his guard severely wounded.

    Gunman killed amid Lashkargah ambush

    HELMAND, June. 20 – Reports say an enemy trooper was killed after being ambushed by Mujahideen in Pula area of capital Lashkargah at noon hours on Sunday.

    Over 20 invaders killed and wounded in Kabul martyr attack

    Over 20 invaders killed and wounded in Kabul martyr attack

    KABUL, Jun. 20 – Reports arriving from the country’s capital say that a martyrdom seeker of Islamic Emirate targeted a mini-bus carrying guards of foreign invaders in Banaie area, PD9 of Kabul city. Officials say that the attack killed and wounded over 20 foreign invaders and destroyed the vehicle. More details will be updated later.

    Clearance campaign: 13 villages purged from enemy
    June 19, 2016

    Clearance campaign: 13 villages purged from enemy

      BADAKHSHAN, June 19 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate launched a cleanup operation in northern Afghanistan,  moving into a large area in Shuhada district of Badakhshan province in bid to purge the region from the enemy forces, Al-Emarah News said on Sunday. Our reporter says 13 villages have so far been cleared of the enemy […]

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