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    3 police officers killed in Kabul
    June 21, 2016

    3 police officers killed in Kabul

    KABUL, Jun. 21 – Three officers belonging to the interior ministry were killed in surprise attack by Mujahideen in Kabul city, the Afghan capital last night.

    4 minions killed in Parwan attack

    PARWAN, Jun. 21 – At least four policemen including an officer were injured in a conflict triggered by Mujahideen ambush in Charikar city, the provincial capital of Parwan province on Tuesday.

    Enemy offensive pushed back in country’s north

    BADAKHSHAN. 21 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate warded off the offensive of the puppet forces backed by the U.S invaders’ aerial power in Tagab district of northern Badakhshan province early today after hours of fighting that led to causing the enemy heavy losses.

    3 Arbaki lapdogs killed in Balkh

    BALKH, Jun. 21 – Two Arbaki militias were killed in a surprise attack last night, while one was taken down in sniper attack on Monday in Kaldar district of northern Balkh province. A motorbike was also taken form the target.  

    Arbaki surrenders in Jowzjan

    JOWZJAN, Jun. 21 – An Arbaki lapdog laid down arms and joined up with Mujahideen in Faizabad district of northern Jowzjan province on Tuesday. The former Arbaki handed his gun and ammo over to Mujahideen.

    One killed in bomb attack

    LOGAR, Jun. 21 – An Arbaki lapdog was killed in a bomb blast in Baraki Barak district of Logar province early today.

    District installations come under attack

    KUNAR, June 21 – The installation of the district of the Ghaziabad is said to have come under attack by Mujahideen early Tuesday morning. The district was reported to have been under siege since morning but the enemy casualty toll is unclear.

    Enemy military unit hit

      KUNAR, Jun. 21 – The Islamic Emirate’s fighters struck  military unit belonging to the puppet army in Kunar province’s Ghazi Abad district on Tuesday, likely to have caused the enemy heavy losses.

    Infiltrator Mujahid kills 5 puppets in Badghis

    Infiltrator Mujahid kills 5 puppets in Badghis

    BADGHIS, June. 21 – At around 4:00 pm local time today an infiltrator Mujahid opened fire on hirelings inside a check post in Poly Shah area of Jowand district, killing 5 puppets on the spot and leaving another one lethally wounded. Later on he also received martyrdom in the crossfire (May Allah accept him).

    16 killed as military base overrun in Herat, equipment seized

    16 killed as military base overrun in Herat, equipment seized

    HERAT, June. 21 – A recent report arriving from Pashtun Zarghon district states that amid ongoing spring offensive ‘Operation Omari’, Mujahideen carried out an attack on a key Arbaki base in Ab Germak area early this morning. Attacks in which heavy and light arms were used continued intensely till afternoon hours, resulting in the base […]

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