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    June 21, 2016

    2 Minions killed in Tarinkot bombing

    URUZGAN, June. 21 – At around 12:00 am local time today 2 puppets were killed amid a bombing in Geram Ab area of capital Tarinkot. Separately a policeman Abdul Razaq s/o Abdul Samad has repented his mistakes and surrendered before Mujahideen in the surroundings of Chinarto district this morning.

    Reinforced convoy attacked in Zabul

    ZABUL, June. 21 – Mujahideen attacked a hireling reinforcement convoy approaching Shamulzay district from Capital Qalat earlier today. According to witnesses an APC and a Kamaz truck was destroyed beside other casualties to enemy that are unknown yet.

    Gun battle leave 3 killed, 4 injured in county’s north

      BADKHSHAN, Jun  21 – At least three puppets were killed and four more were wounded in a severe fighting caused by the enemy offensive in Tagab district of northern Badakhshan province on Tuesday. The enemy was forced to retreat after hours of fighting. Two of the enemy’s armored tanks were also destroyed in Tuesday’s fighting.

    6 killed, 3 injured in Logar attack

    LOGAR, Jun. 21 – A predawn attack by Mujahideen killed 5 puppets and left a further 3 wounded in the provincial capital of Logar province. Later in the morning, a puppet was shot and killed in a sniper attack outside a checkpoint in Poli Alam city, the provincial capital of Logar province.

    Enemy installations come under attack in country’s southeast

    PAKTIA, Jun. 21 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the building of the district of Ahmad Abad, Paktia province with bombings last yesterday night, leaving 3 puppets injured. In the province’s Ahmad Khel district, a puppet soldier was killed and two more were wounded in a gun battle with Mujahideen on Tuesday. According to […]

    Arbaki killed, one injured in Kunar

    KUNAR, Jun. 21 – An Arbaki lapdog was killed with another wounded when Mujahideen pounded the enemy post with heavy arms fire in Surkani district of Kunar province on Tuesday.   Also Tuesday, Mujahideen attacked the enemy military unit in Dankam district of this province but the enemy casualty toll has not been confirmed yet.

    Enemy suffers heavy toll in Wardak

    WARDAK, Jun. 21 – A number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties in a clash with Mujahideen in Syed Abad district of Wardak province early Tuesday.   In another report, a puppet soldier was killed in a bomb attack in the mentioned district early Tuesday morning. Furthermore, a commander and his gunman were wounded in […]

    One killed, one injured

    NANGARHAR, Jun. 21 – A puppet while standing guard outside a post in Mohmand Darah district of Nangarhar was shot and killed in a sniper attack early Tuesday. In a similar attack, a puppet was wounded in an exchange of fire with Mujahideen in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province on Tuesday.

    1 killed, 3 hurt in Laghman province

    LAGHMAN, Jun. 21 – A commander was killed in Mujahideen attack in Alingar district of Laghman province late Tuesday. In the province’s Alishang district, 2 puppets were wounded after Mujahideen attacked the enemy base on Tuesday. Separately, an Arbaki lapdog was wounded in an attack Mujahideen carried on the enemy post in Mehtarlam city, the […]

    Enemy base stormed in Ghazni; many killed

    GHAZNI, Jun. 21 – An unknown number of the enemy soldiers were killed and wounded when Mujahideen stormed the enemy post with heavy arms in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province early today. A number of the enemy tanks and military vehicles were also damaged in the heavy arms used by Mujahideen. Also Tuesday, a policeman […]

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