February 07, 2023

Caravan of Heroes 13

Caravan of Heroes 13

Manba’ al-Jihad Media for Production an official media wing of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Commission for Cultural Affairs Audio and Visual Sector released the “Caravan of Heroes 13”.
“Caravan of Heroes 13” which is about 1 hour and 10 minutes of duration is released in both Pashto and English language and is professionaly designed with high quality graphics. The video also involves Anasheeds of some of the most prominent Munshids of the Islamic Emirate including Faqir Muhammad Darwesh, Abdul Hakeem Sajjad, Abdul Aziz Azizi, Muhammad Jum’a Sajjad and Muhammad Amin Haidri. The video also involves extensive information regarding the ambush.
After that comes the battle scenes from the Wardak and Kunar provinces in which the scared enemy’s personnel are killed, their posts are ran over and their weapons and resources are taken as spoils of war by the Mujahideen.
after that, in the “Fall of the Modern Technology” section of the war of bombs, series of attacks on the enemy convoys and patrols in number of provinces are displayed in which heavy losses are inflicted upon the enemy.
After that comes the martyrdom seeking attacks using vehicles in the “Atomic Centre” series which clearly shows the defeat of the invaders’ strategy. Explains the targeted objectives of the martyrdom attacks in Logar, Khost and Kabul. It also involves advices and faith increasing training sessions of the maryrdom seeking Mujahideen.
The video has been made even more appealing by an excerpt from the speech of the Deputy of the Islamic Emirate Alhaj Sirajuddin (Haqqani).
Caravan of Heroes 13 ends with an announcement of the coming video “Real Men 2”.

Video can be downloaded from the following links:

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