December 04, 2022

Can new faces control recent developments?

Can new faces control recent developments?

The head of the quisling Kabul administration has changed some crooked faces as ministers to control and manage the deteriorating situation. In an introductory sitting of the Defense Minister, Interior Minister and other ministries, Ashraf Ghani reiterated his policy of violence, saying that the Taliban have started war, so the same people will make peace and abide by their law!

As far as the current situation is concerned, and the Afghan people and world are watching the situation closely, the military and political chambers of the quisling government have been shaken up without pressure from the Islamic Emirate. The line of communication and coordination between the army and security forces has been shaken and the air force has also become ineffective.

These deteriorating conditions have now led to a situation where every day, two or three districts, rather several districts with all military resources, are coming under the control of the Islamic Emirate without any pressure. Security forces, too, are joining their opposition in large numbers.

If Ashraf Ghani is in fact the President of the country and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, then instead of changing the faces of the enemies of the people or presenting medals to officials, he should have contemplated on why commandos and other soldiers on which the US and NATO spent billions of dollars during the past twenty years are fleeing without the will to resist for even a few hours?

It is an obvious reality that this government, its military and officials were all the need for American and NATO imperialistic aggression. They trained and nurtured them for their own interests, not for those of Afghanistan. Therefore, when the United States and NATO began the process of withdrawal, their puppet forces also decided that their duties and responsibilities were now over.

No matter how much Ashraf Ghani and his government tries, even if they were to appoint new ministers every week and new commanders at military bases, it will be only a superficial announcement and nothing more. They can do nothing on a practical level. Like former quisling Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid, these new officials are bound to flee as is the end result of every traitor, Allah Willing.

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