January 28, 2023

Broadening relations of the Islamic Emirate!

Broadening relations of the Islamic Emirate!

With the start of intra-Afghan talks in the Qatari capital of Doha, the political representatives of the Islamic Emirate also begun a series of meetings with political envoys and emissaries of various countries and international organizations.

Although the process of meetings and political trips to regional and world countries by the representatives of the Islamic Emirate had begun some years earlier, with visits to multiple countries and participation in international conferences where the rightful demand of the Afghan people was announced to world masses, however this process is rejuvenated once more with the launch of intra-Afghan dialogue.

Meetings of such caliber between the Islamic Emirate and world community specifically with representatives of Muslim countries holds a special place because some 19 years earlier after the foreign invasion of Afghanistan, all rights of political participation and announcements were snatched from the Islamic Emirate. For around one and half decade, the media broadcasted distortions, circulated all kinds of propaganda and published all sorts of half-truths and twisted information about the Islamic Emirate.

This manipulated propaganda confused many about the Islamic Emirate, even introducing the Islamic Emirate as a rebellious and illegal entity to many Islamic organizations and renowned personalities, in spite of the fact that the Islamic Emirate is a representative force of the Afghan Mujahid people and an embodiment of the aspirations of an entire nation.

One can confidently say that the meeting some days earlier between the representatives of the Islamic Emirate with the president and representatives of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Doha, answered many questions of Islamic world Ulama and alleviated concerns they had developed over the past two decades.

The cordial and candid atmosphere of the meetings professed to the fact that the Islamic Emirate has nothing to hide which might spark concerns in the Islamic world or academic circles. The only issue of concern is the great barrier created between worldwide Muslim communities and the Islamic Emirate by the torrent of propaganda – once eliminated through face-to-face dialogue, it shall also work to end the twisted understanding of the Islamic Emirate these communities have developed.

Keeping this in mind, both sides need to make use of this opportunity at hand. The Islamic Emirate must promulgate its rightful claim to every corner and community of the world, while the countries of the world, organizations and especially academic foundations actively working for Islamic unification and progress must develop direct and permanent relations with the Islamic Emirate. They should relay their good advice to the Islamic Emirate, scrutinize its actions in reformist manner and lend sincere support in problem resolution.

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