December 06, 2022

Bombardments that shatter peace hopes of the Afghan nation

Bombardments that shatter peace hopes of the Afghan nation

Recently there have been reports from around the country that US forces are violating the agreement made in Doha of Qatar. In recent weeks, airstrikes have been reported in southern and north-eastern provinces of Afghanistan, inflicting heavy casualties on civilians.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which regularly collects these violations and the breach of agreement shares it with the opposing party and the media, announced a statement a few days ago warning about serious consequences of such actions and blamed the opposite side for violations.

The continuation of bombings and violations of agreement by US forces have also provoked anger in the Afghan masses. On social media and mainstream media, ordinary Afghans and commentators consider the move as an anti-peace movement by US forces that will damage the process and will prolong the war the blame of which will be on the Americans.
But it is surprising that countries and organizations, including the United Nations which strongly supported the peace process and reconciliation, are now entirely silent on violations of the agreement by the American side.

The UN organization as well as political leaders of relevant countries of the region and world were supposed to take seriously the issue of repeated violations of the peace agreement. so that culpable would have determined and the offenders would have warned for preventing further deterioration of the situation.

The Islamic Emirate, is a rank which is committed to the ethical principles of the sacred Islamic religion and considers fulfilment of its commitment an obligation, has not violated its agreement yet. But the opposing side delays the exchange of prisoners with various pretexts and violates the agreement by conducting airstrikes and some night raid operations.

The opposite side should note that the Islamic Emirate has successfully resisted the great attacks of international invaders over the past 18 years, and all the plots and pressures of the invaders have been failed hence, the invaders cannot harm military force of the Islamic Emirate by continuing military attacks but the continuation of such attacks will damage the peaceful solution process, prolong the conflict and will result in personal and financial losses for invaders and repetition of failed experiments.

We call upon the Afghan people, peace loving and independent organizations of the world, to not allow smashing hopes of solution of the Afghan issue as a result of continuous violations and damaging the agreement of ending war and occupation in our country and determining the path and direction of fulfilling wishes of the tired nation.

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