October 02, 2022

Bitter winter and care for the destitute

Bitter winter and care for the destitute

The winter season of our beloved homeland has started off with heavy snowfall and rain. Even though snow is seen as a sign of a prosperous upcoming year and rekindles the hopes of welfare, it also produces a host of difficulties.

Our destitute compatriots that lack proper means of shelter are the most affected by a snowy and bitter cold season. At this very moment, a large number of our people who have been displaced due to security and economic reasons and others because to depleting water reserves and other natural disasters do not have proper shelter to protect themselves from the snow and cold weather.

On the other hand, the ever-increasing prices of heat-generating material coupled with the general poverty has become a cause for majority of people in cities to be unable to buy the needed necessities. And like other economic avenues, the stooge officials and corrupt elements also monopolize the bazaar of gas, fuel and coal – where they import these items relatively cheap but take advantage of need of the poor by selling it at prices that cannot be afforded by most.

The cold weather in tandem with the cruelty of the corrupt, monopolizing and ruthless officials has pushed our people towards a crisis. Meanwhile, the media which is controlled by those in power would rather broadcast the lies and imaginary achievements of officials instead of focusing on the tragedy unfolding in front of our eyes.

This prevailing situation must become a calling cause for the wealthy to help those in need. Our noble religion Islam labels giving aid, charity and other support to the needy as one of the greatest actions of a human being. A Muslim is called the brother of another Muslim so that they share the pain of one another. The conditions being endured by our displaced and needy compatriots must be felt both physically and spiritually by all Muslims and each must leap to their aid to the best of their abilities.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which considers eliminating the pain and suffering of our people its religious and moral obligation calls upon its Mujahideen and ordinary citizens to not forget their destitute compatriots in this cold season. Inform yourselves about their troubles, help them if they need aid and support them in treating their sick so that you may discharge your religious obligation and gain immense rewards.

Our fellow compatriots should not helplessly wait on these ruthless officials or superficial aid agencies who appropriate millions of dollars in funds in the name of Afghans but use it all on salaries and social events. These supposed humanitarians only see their own like-minded stooges deserving of aid and do not care about the suffering of our nation.

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