November 30, 2022

Barbaric prisons and oppressed prisoners

Barbaric prisons and oppressed prisoners

From time to time reports about the deaths of innocent prisoners have been given from the notorious Pul-e-Charkhi prison in Kabul. Sadly, yesterday once again we got news about the death of a prisoner by the name of Esmatullah from Nemroz province. The mentioned prisoners died from an illness which could have been easily treated but in this prison neither the prisoners are treated nor their families are allowed to treat them by their own.

There are enemies imprisoned in the prisons of the Islamic Emirate since years and many months but none of them has died from an illness or other causes the question is why?

The answer is because the Mujahideen treat the prisoners as per the rules and principles which prevents such issues which are faced by the prisoners in the prisons of the regime in Kabul.

On the contrary the prisoners of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are treated very harshly in the prisons of the Kabul regime.
There is no care taken even when it comes to the most basic necessities such as clean drinking water, medicines or cleanness of the cells nothing is provided and instead the innocent prisoners are tortured brutally by the prisons guards and those in-charge of the prisons. Many times we have seen that innocent prisoners have been martyred by the prison guards after severe tortures and beatings without any reason.

In the agreement signed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Americans on 29th of February 2020 it is clearly written that 5000 prisoners will be freed from the prisons of Kabul and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will also release 1000 regime soldiers held as prisoners by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which will pave way for intra Afghan dialogues but the process didn’t went forward as agreed because of the hurdles created by the other side.

Looking at the cruelties and brutal conditions in the prisons of regime and the invaders the release of prisoners shall be more prioritised than ever so that freedom is given to innocent prisoners from the dungeons of cruelty.

As we know that in Bagram, Pul-e- Charkhi and in other prisons the innocent prisoners are facing many medical difficulties apart from the cruelties of the regime now the threat of Covid-19 is also looming which can deteriorate the situation for the prisoners. International observers, Human rights organisations, welfare societies and activists shall take note of the worsening situation of the prisoners and take serious notes and raise their voices for them.

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