January 30, 2023

Badakhshan Operations: 53 killed, 23; 5 units dismantled

Badakhshan Operations: 53 killed, 23; 5 units dismantled

BADAKHSHAN, Oct. 19 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate seized control of 1 base and 3 combat posts in the Fayzabad city, the provincial capital of Badakhshan province.

At least 25 enemy military personnel were killed and 23 more were taken captives, while 4 tanks were destroyed and a great deal of arms and ammo were seized from the enemy.

In the center of Fayzabad city, Mujahideen attacked the convoy carrying the provincial governor in which 7 of the governor guards including a commander got killed and 5 more were wounded, whereas 3 enemy vehicles were also destroyed.

In another report from Fayzabad city, 3 Arbakis were killed and 2 more were wounded in a clash with Mujahideen.

According to a report from Wardaj district of the province, 13 puppets were killed and 10 more were wounded.

Similarly, a number of the military units were overrun by Mujahideen in the aforesaid district.

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