January 27, 2023

Awareness workshop held for Helmand finance Department Military Group

Awareness workshop held for Helmand finance Department Military Group

HELMAND, Dec. 22 –  One-day public awareness workshop was held for the Military Group of revenue department at the the said department provincial assembly Hall, today.

The purpose of this workshop was to learn more about the goals, responsibilities of the department..

The workshop started with recutation of the Holy Quran and followed by Ahmad Jan Poya, General Manager, Initial Tax Assessment, Revenue Department, Mustofat Department, expressed satisfaction over the organization of the workshop, adding that it was important to conduct such workshops.
Mr. Poya also briefed the participants on the major functions the Helmand Mustofat Revenue Department, which included tax law, tax and non-tax revenue, and the Revenue Services System.

Toryalai Noorzai, the finance director of the department, provided information and public awareness to the participants about the main functions of the finance department of Helmand Mustofiat and finance in general.

Mawlawi Jamil Ahmad Ajmal, Helmand Mustofat Advisor on Revenue, briefed the participants on the objectives, activities of the Ministry of Finance.
Mr. Ajmal expressed satisfaction over the conduct of the workshop and added that the problems of the taxpayers who were facing difficulties in paying their taxes would be resolved and transparency would be established.

It is to be noted that such workshops have also been conducted in other states which have been very useful.

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