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    July 4, 2016

    Commander killed in Tarinkot, 2 ambushed

    URUZGAN, July. 04 – Reports arriving from capital Tarinkot state that at least 2 policemen were killed on the spot after being ambushed by Mujhideen in Shah Mansor area overnight. Also in Tarnikot a hireling commander – Saifullah – was killed amid a Mujahideen ambush in the said area at around 1:00 pm local time.

    IED takes out ranger in Uruzgn, 2 wounded

    URUZGAN, July. 04 – According to reports a police vehicle was blown apart by a roadside bomb attack in Murad Abad area of Chinartu district midday today, leaving 2 puppets deadly wounded inside.

    Vehicle destroyed as convoy attacked in Faryab

    FARYAB, July. 04 – A hireling vehicle was destroyed and all gunmen killed or hurt inside after an enemy convoy waylaid by Mujahideen in Karez area of Chilgazy district at noon hours on Sunday.

    Reports of Mujahideen casualties in Zabul are false

    ZABUL, July. 04 – According to Al Emarah news, the puppet administration security chief – Ghulam Jilani Farahi – claimed that a power full explosion in a Mujahideen training center in Khak Afghan district left at least 11 martyrdom seekers and 13 other Mujahideen martyred, are completely baseless. Reports add some ten days ago an […]

    5 killed as tank destroyed in Wardak

    5 killed as tank destroyed in Wardak

    WARDAK, July. 04 – At least 5 minions were killed when a roadside bomb ripped through a hireling tank in Chak area of Chak district at around 6:00 pm local time today.

    Check post overrun in Takhar, casualty caused

    TAKHAR, July. 04 – Reports say an Arbakis check post located in Jaghat Qashlaq Bala area of Ashkamash district came under a Mujahideen attack, killing a gunman inside and wounding 2 others.

    Bombing kills 2 puppets in Seyad Abad

    WARDAG, July. 04 – At least 2 gunmen have been killed when an enemy patrol came under a Mujahideen IED attack in Awtarhio area of Seyad Abad district earlier today.

    3 killed as vehicle destroyed in Khost

    KHOST, July. 04 – A ranger pickup was shred into pieces by a roadside bomb attack in Chino area of Sabaryo district afternoon hours yesterday, killing 3 gunmen on the spot.

    Notorious commander killed along with guard in Khogyani

    GHAZNI, July. 04 – An enemy commander was killed along with his guard amid a Mujahideen bombing in Roba area of Khogyani district early morning yesterday.

    6 killed amid various attacks in Ghazni

    GHAZNI, July. 04 – At least 3 puppets were killed when a hireling patrol attacked by Mujahideen in Sahib Zada area of Qara Bagh district early this morning. Similarly 3 gunmen were killed amid a roadside bomb attack in Mula Nooh Baba area of Shilgar district.

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