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    October 27, 2016

    The Principled Stance of the Islamic Emirate Regarding the Issue of Afghanistan and the Western Media

    The Western and pro-western media outlets have recently published some baseless reports claiming that a delegation of the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate had held talks with a delegation of the Kabul Administration in Doha, Qatar. However, these media reports are based on their own speculation and analysis which has no reality. Such reports […]

    October 26, 2016

    Offensive repelled in Herat

    HERAT, Oct. 26 – According to reports, heavy clashes broke out when Mujahideen engaged enemy troops arriving Gala Toth area of Adraskan district for operations early this morning. Firefight of heavy and light arms went till afternoon hours, forcing the enemy to flee after taking heavy fatalities that are unknown at the moment.

    Enemy suffered heavy toll in Farah clashes

    FARAH, Oct. 26 – A heavy gunfight erupted against ANA and ANP troops arriving to Mashkan Kothal area of Parchaman district early yesterday. Gunfight of heavy and light arms continued for about 2 hours, resulting in serious casualties to enemy.

    Several killed and wounded as 2 APCs destroyed in Helmand

    HELMAND, Oct. 26 – At noon hours yesterday an enemy convoy in Chine Manda area of Sangin district came under a Mujahideen attack, during which a hireling APC was destroyed by RPG fire and another one by IED attack, leaving all gunmen killed or hurt abroad.

    Police DHQ guard shot dead by sniper in Farah

    FARAH, Oct. 26 – At around 4:00 pm local time on Tuesday, a guard of Pushtkoh district police HQ was shot and killed by sniper, says Al Emarah news.

    Landmine takes out policeman in Farah

    FARAH, Oct. 26 – At around 2:00 pm local time on Tuesday, a police trooper was killed amid a Mujahideen bombing in Korgaz area of Farah city.

    5 including director staff killed as APC destroyed in Shawalikot

    KANDAHAR, Oct. 26 – Reports arriving from southern Kandahar province state that a staff director of ANA was killed along with 5 others and their APC destroyed following an IED attack in Sar Khobaib area of Shawalikot district midday on Tuesday.

    Remarks of Islamic Emirate’s spokesman about the crime of Ghor province

    GHOR, Oct. 26 – Reports say, some thieves and kidnappers have initially kidnapped some 3 shepherd along with their sheep and goats in Kasi area of Ghor city, later on the dispute changed into an ethnic conflict, which resulted in death of 36 civilians and several others wounded. This tragic case has no connection with […]

    October 25, 2016

    what’s really happening in Uruzgan:Al Emarah Studio’s brilliant new release (72)

    Al Emarah Studio, part of multimedia branch the cultural commission Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan, presents a brilliant new release (72) entitled ‘What’s really happening in Uruzgan’. the report can be viewed and downloaded from the links given below. To view https://archive.org/details/Orozgan-72 To download https://archive.org/download/Orozgan-72/Orozgan-72.mp4

    3 APCs destroyed as offensives repelled in Uruzgan

    URUZGAN, Oct. 25 – According to Al Emarah news, Mujahideen foiled several enemy offensives conducted during last one day in Basali and Garmab areas of capital Tarinkot, forcing the enemy to retreat after taking heavy fatalities. According to details, 3 enemy APCs were destroyed by heavy artillery fire. Furthermore, enemy has also suffered heavy casualties […]

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