January 29, 2023

Atmar exporting lies to the world

Atmar exporting lies to the world

Kabul defeated regime’s National Security Adviser (Hanif Atmar) has once again brazenly talked to the West during his trip. He said that the main reason for the long-term failure of the American war in Afghanistan is that the Taliban who want to make peace with the Kabul regime are being forced by the government of Pakistan to fight, because their families have been taken as hostages.

Along with Atmar, remnants of the former communist regime whose bishops at that time also used similar absurd logics and propaganda regarding the legitimate jihad of the Afghans against the Red Army. They used to lie to the world that the Mujahedeen are fighting in Afghanistan for the interests of Pakistan. Atmar’s position at the time was that he Afghans should not resist the Soviet invasion and nonstop aggression, they should accept the chains of slavery of communism in their necks and if they stand for their country, fight for the defense of their religion and nation, then it will be considered as not defending themselves and their nation, but for the interests of Pakistan.

He still continues to spread the same communist mentality, which is that Afghans must keep silent against American invasion, consider the American troops as friendly forces and if someone stands against them to defend himself or his nation then his act will be considered terrorism or an interference from Pakistan, according to Atmar and American slaves.

The army which fights against the Americans and their troops, and the nation who are assisting and supporting them with their lives and properties, know their leadership and rightly guided leaders very intimately. They have a firm belief that their leaders will never sacrifice the higher interests of the country and Jihad for their personal interests or for the sake of neighboring countries.

The devils must understand that the distinguished Islamic Emirate and leaders are prepared for overwhelming sacrifices for the higher interests of the country and religion, but will never accept any commands of strangers or the enemies Islam even for a moment. Nor can this great jihad be continued in secret deals and interrupted positions and content.

To take a look at the arguments of American slaves, they state that thousands of American troops need to be present with hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan, the land and air space of Afghanistan should be in the hands of Americans, the American war machine must run with all its strength against Afghanistan, the power and authority of the system must be in the hands of American commanders in Bagram, yet the American slaves scream that Taliban should attend the peace negotiations.

Beside Taliban, the common civilians who have national pride and faith running in their veins will never be ready to accept the peace process which is being propagated by Atmar and his masters, neither will they expect good, prosperity and justice from this so-called peace.

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