February 06, 2023

Around 900 graduated from Ghazni University

Around 900 graduated from Ghazni University

GHAZNI, Dec. 08 – The graduation ceremony of 600 male and 280 female greduate of Ghazni province’s university has been celebrated in Ghazni city’s Culture Hall, today.


Details say the cereminey has been attended by a number of high ranking govet officials and elders of the province.

President of Ghazni University, Ehsanullah Akramzoi, said in this graduation ceremony nearly 900 graduates, of which 280 were girls, completed grdauations from five faculties of Ghazni University.


Mr. Akramzawi added that these students graduated from Ghazni University’s Faculties of Sharia, Economics, Education and Training, Agriculture and Literature. The graduation cemeny of female students has already celebrated in this hall on last Monday.

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