January 30, 2023

Around 20000 beggars gathered from Kabul so far

Around 20000 beggars gathered from Kabul so far

KABUL, Dec. 20 – As many as 19,827 beggars have been collected from different areas of Kabul city by the beggar collection committee set up under deputy economic Prime Minister  until 20th Dec 2022, said office of the deputy PM for economic affairs.

Among the collected beggars, 11,285 are women, after evaluation, 4,730 have been identified as deserving and 6,555 as professional beggars.

There are 1812 male beggars, after evaluation, 684 of them are considered eligible and 1128 are professional beggars.

Among the collected 19,827 baggers, there are 6,730 children, of which 2,737 are eligible, 3,931 are professional and 62 are unaccompanied children.

After biometrics, unaccompanied beggar children have been admitted to the boarding school by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, where they will be provided with education and training in addition to food.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan provides continuous cash assistance to deserving beggars.

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