December 07, 2022

Armed Robberies, Extortion Entirely Ends in Baghlan

Armed Robberies, Extortion Entirely Ends in Baghlan

BAGHLAN Nov. 14 –  Residents and tribal leaders of Banu, Pulhisar and Deh Salah districts of Baghlan province say since the Islamic Emirate came to power, armed robberies and extortion of power full armed groups in the said districts have been ended.


The residents of Banu district and Andrabon say prior the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, they faced many problems, theft and extortion of irresponsible armed men, robbers and powerful men made life difficult.

Abdul Khalil another residents adds that with the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, the level of armed robbery and extortion in these districts has reduced to zero.

Arbab Matal, one of the tribal leaders of Deh Yak area of ​​Pulhasar district and Bismillah residents of Dehsalan and three residents of Qasan district told media that the overall security in this district has been established by the forces of the Islamic Emirate under the rule of the Islamic Emirate armed robberies and power outages have been completely eradicated.


Mawalwi Asadullah Mustafa Hashemi, director of information and culture of Baghlan, says that security has been assured in the three districts of Andrabs and the Islamic Emirate will not allow anyone to coerce the people.

It should be mentioned that during the previous regime, Baghlan Banu, Deh Salah and Pulhisar were the districts, where irresponsible armed groups had a large presence and in addition to robberies, they also extorted money from the people.

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