December 04, 2022

Arg officials or ISIS defense attorneys

Arg officials or ISIS defense attorneys

The entire country and Kabul city particularly is witnessing an uptick in horrific crimes and massacres being committed by the dubious ISIS group, and Arg, instead of trying to uncover the real culprits behind these attacks, is working overtime to alter common perception and blindside the general public.

A depraved attack was carried out by Daesh gunmen on Kabul University on Monday in which tens of students were martyred and injured. Within hours, Daesh officially accepted responsibility for the attack, published images of the assailants and proclaimed the target as the graduation ceremony of lawyers. On top of this, the assault bore all the hallmarks of attacks previously executed by Daesh.

But in spite of all these facts, the First Deputy of Ashraf Ghani and his National Security Advisor, Amrullah Saleh and Hamdullah Mohib, interceded as defense attorneys for Daesh in front of the media instead of condemning the attack and identifying the real perpetrators. They completely absolved Daesh of any wrongdoing, exclaimed Daesh does not conduct such attacks and falsely implicated the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

That the Arg officials are hesitant in publicly condemning and denouncing Daesh despite such vicious crimes, are busy defending and exonerating them of any wrongdoing and going as far as working as their defense attorneys by attributing responsibility to others and never castigating them shows that there exists a secret relation and affinity between both parties — an invisible string through which Arg exercises control over this violent group and uses it to stage horrific and cold-blooded attacks to achieve nefarious goals.

The nation is aware that this peculiar group has been crushed and uprooted in all areas under the control of the Islamic Emirate, but continues operating in cities administered by Kabul, spilling innocent blood and staging attacks on public places.

Another indication of Daesh links with Arg is that it never seems to attack regime officials or military bases, rather it always hits public sites like hospitals, mosques, universities, sport clubs, marriage halls or educational centers, inflicting losses on the general public and no harm to officials. And that is why the officials residing in Arg so passionately defend this group in the media and exert efforts to indict others.

The Islamic Emirate categorically rejects virulent lies of Arg officials attributing crimes of ISIS to us and considers it a profoundly reprehensible undertaking. Arg officials should not be so shameless to try and hide the sun with two fingers and veil the real culprits from the public. Such actions only cement the fact that Arg officials are a partner in these crimes, hence the acquittal of true criminals and playing the role of defense attorneys.

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