October 05, 2022

Apprize the magnificent conquest

Apprize the magnificent conquest

By : Mohammad Naeem

After merely two decades of hardships, Allah Almighty gracefully bestowed the proud victory on zealous Afghan nation as well as granted greater amount of weapons, vehicles, ammunition and wealth as war spoil. all Muslims and especially our zealous compatriots should appreciate the struggle of these proud people and stand behind their youth.

One of the main reasons for the proud victory was the sincerity and courage of the countrymen who, in the most difficult of circumstances, led the ships of Islamic Emirate to shores of victory. And strengthened them in defeating the enemy, now it is necessary for the Mujahideen brothers to fully serve all the countrymen, have patience and listen to the legitimate criticisms of the countrymen.

The countrymen also need to increase their support and assistance with Mujahideen and new government many folds. The support of the nation can bring an end to many misfortunes. We all should forget many criticism in order to strengthen the system.

The holy victory that achieved through sacrifice of blood and heads now requires many more sacrifices to preserve it , Allah willing the brave young men and today’s heroes will never hesitate from any sacrifice, but every destructive one should be under consideration persuasion. We now must unite to build and improve the country and make this oppressed country in the line of competitors.

Fortunately, all the countrymen and international investors have got the opportunity to invest in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate will provide security and protect their investment to the best of its ability, Allah willing. All fortunate countrymen should serve the country honestly. Take full advantage of all opportunities currently available.

Praise be to Allah, the Islamic Emirate is still trying its best to manage the affairs of the country, eradicate corruption and make Afghanistan economically viable, free from the need and dependence of foreigners because it is the main cause of disturbances.

Finally, I urge all Afghans to stand firmly behind the Islamic Emirate in the prosperity and well-being of the country, to support the current system and not to let any one to God forbid dilapidate again our country, turning it into a ruin of decades of misery. Always long live united and one Afghanistan.

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