September 27, 2022

Another violation against Palestinian rights

Another violation against Palestinian rights

For seventy years now, Palestine has symbolized what being oppressed and deprived of ones lawful rights look like. The Palestinian Muslims are the most oppressed nation on the face of the earth with 85% of their historical homeland (Palestine) forcefully occupied and more than half of its inhabitants forced to live as refugees in neighboring countries and across the globe. The Afghan nation which has also been a victim of war, displacement and occupation understands the pain of the oppressed Palestinians better than anyone else.

But the world has yet to end their transgression against the defenseless Palestinians and are still presenting proposals of occupying the remaining land of Palestine and snatching away what meager rights they still possess.

The first transgression against the Palestinians occurred some seventy odd years earlier when a Zionist state was established through the occupation of half of the land of the Muslim Palestinians. Then in 1967, the Zionist regime occupied the remaining land of the Muslim Palestinians and took control over western Baital Maqdis (Jerusalem) including Masjid al Aqsa before beginning construction of illegal settlements on the Muslim lands. Recently, the US president Donald Trump and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu announced the ‘Deal of the Century’ proposal with the sole aim of giving legality to the Zionist occupation of Muslim lands and specifically Baital Maqdis and depriving the Palestinians from ever demanding their rights in a court of law.

If on the one hand the issue of the first Qibla of Islam (Masjid al Aqsa) is the mutual cause and a religious responsibility that must be discharged by the entire Muslim Ummah, on the other , the transgression against the rights of the Palestinian nation is oppression that effects humanity at large and must be prevented by every human being.

If there is even an iota of human conscious left and the world is not governed by law of the jungle then this plot to exterminate an entire people must be opposed and the Palestinians not deprived from their basic human rights.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – which has always expressed its religious solidarity and affinity with the oppressed Palestinians – raises its voice in opposition against the current conspiracy and considers it a clear violation against Palestinian rights. The Islamic countries and all other parties that believe in the principles of justice must stop this oppression, occupation and transgression from taking a physical form.

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