October 01, 2022

Annual Civilian Casualty Report (2019)

Annual Civilian Casualty Report (2019)

The occupation of our beloved homeland Afghanistan has been ongoing at the hands of the brutal Americans and NATO invaders alongside their stooge Kabul administration since the year 2001 with the aim of killing, maiming, suppressing and displacing our civilian compatriots. The foreign invaders have reached for ruthless cruelty in every field by intentionally mass murdering, maiming, imprisoning and displacing ordinary civilians, women, children, scholars, tribal elders, the youth, memorizers of the Quran and students. They are razing bazaars, villages, homes, personal property, public infrastructure, medical and educational facilities, mosques, religious seminaries and schools and are bombing the festivities, weddings, funerals and gatherings which has created great challenges for our countrymen in every aspect of life. And the year 2019 once again proved to be a bloody and violent year for our fellow citizens.

The Commission for Registration of Complaints and Prevention of Civilian Casualties of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan recorded a total of 2291 civilian casualty incidents with the help of its provincial representatives, workers, independent sources, tribal elders and ordinary citizens. A total of 2079 incidents were attributed to the Americans and the troops, police and militias of their interdependent Kabul administration while the rest are attributed to Daesh, traffic accidents on highways or internal feuds.

A total of 8707 civilian casualties were caused in these 2291 incidents – with 5423 being martyrs and 3284 wounded.

A total of 1307 civilians have also been abducted in these incidents by the Americans and forces affiliated to them during barbaric night raids.

Of the 5423 martyrs, a total of 5152 individuals (94%) have been murdered in airstrikes, direct fire and night raids of the Americans and internal forces (troops, police & militias) affiliated to them. The remaining 6% have happened at the hands of Daesh, highway accidents or as a result of internal feuds.

A total of 3284 civilians were also wounded over the course of the past year (2019) – with 2850 or 87% attributed to the Americans and forces of the stooge administration and the remaining 13% caused by Daesh, highway accidents or as a result of internal feuds.

The Americans and Kabul administration insist upon their brutalities in an effort to conceal their failure and defeat. In contrast to the years past and on top of causing civilian casualties, the year 2019 saw the Americans and their propped-up Kabul administration completely leveling 102 sacred mosques in airstrikes and bombings and the gates of 14 more mosques destroyed with explosives. 18 schools, 20 clinics, 1650 homes and 11 religious seminaries were leveled and the gates of 627 homes and shops destroyed with explosives. 2 hotels, 281 vehicles, 1719 shops and 1102 motorbikes were set on fire and hundreds of livestock killed, 260 solar panels destroyed, hundreds of millions of Afghani (local currency) looted from homes and 42 wheat and barley storages of our poor and defenseless countrymen deliberately torched.

On behalf of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Commission for Registration of Complaints and Prevention of Civilian Casualties strongly condemns these crimes against humanity of the invaders and declares that all the above-mentioned inhumane crimes have all been committed by the Americans and their allies. This Commission calls on all independent international organizations and human right groups to question, investigate and condemn these crimes committed against defenseless civilian citizens.

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We believe that the Americans and their allies will never be able to achieve their malicious objectives by perpetrating or increasing such brutalities, rather these actions will only serve to expose their true faces.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Commission for Registration of Complaints and Prevention of Civilian Casualties

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0707918384

Whatsapp: 0794717946

Radio Number and Name: 5357 – Darwesh


Few examples of American barbarity:


1 – Airstrikes and a raid were carried out on a wedding in Kunjak bazaar of Musa Kala district, Helmand province, in which 30 innocent civilians were martyred and 20 others wounded along with a van, 2 hatchback vehicles and 6 homes destroyed.


2 – Two homes were ruthlessly hit at midnight by B52 type aircraft in Sarchakan area of Gurzewan district, Faryab province, in which both the homes were destroyed and 15 innocent civilians including women and children were martyred and wounded.


  1. Zainullah
  2. Mohibullah s/o Zainullah
  3. Bibi Ruqqayah w/o Zainullah
  4. Shamsullah f/o Zainullah
  5. Asima d/o Zainullah
  6. Naziyah d/o Zainullah
  7. Salam f/o Siddiqullah
  8. Subhaniyah d/o Habibullah
  9. Fatanah d/o Habibullah
  10. Hazafa d/o Habibullah
  11. Zainab d/o Muhammad Nabi



  1. Khalid
  2. Khalil
  3. Khair Muhammad



3 – On 30/08/2019 combined enemy forces raided Segzi and Zambori areas of Chahr Chino district, Uruzgan province, during which they destroyed 3 homes with airstrikes and martyred 26 innocent civilians including women and children. Moreover, airstrikes were carried out in Sheikhi, Nekroz, Badenzo and Sheikhano areas of Khas Uruzgan district in which 9 innocent civilians including 2 boys and a girl were martyred.


4 – On 09/09/2019 the vehicle of Engineer Abdullah was hit with an airstrike in Joi Zarin village of Tangi valley, Sayedabad district, Maidan Wardak province, from which 7 civilians were martyred.

  1. Eng. Abdullah
  2. Shoaib
  3. Shah Rasoul
  4. Habib Rahman (student)
  5. Dr. Gul Rahim
  6. Mohibullah
  7. Rahman Shah (child)


5 – On 15/09/2019 combined enemy forces carried out a raid on Kamal Khelo bazaar and the villages of Khado Khel and Kamal Khel of Shilgar district, Ghazni province, during which they broke down gates, looted valuables, beat up locals and set fire to vehicles and motorbikes along with 80 shops.


6 – On 30/08/2019 the home of Abdullah located in Sarwaruddin village of Puli Khumri district’s Zaghriyo area, Baghlan province, from which a woman was martyred, two women along with two children wounded and a nearby clinic destroyed.


7 – On 24/08/2019 combined forces raided Sangar Miya Khelo area of Alingar district, Laghman province, during which they carried out unspeakable horrors including looting of homes and shops and even the killing of birds.


  1. 45-year-old Muhammad Gul s/o Mira Gul – father of six children
  2. 25-year-old Zahim s/o Muahmmad Gul – father of two children
  3. 45-year-old Mullah Uthman – father of 8 children


  1. 25-year-old Sayed Yasir s/o Sayed Jalal Akhundzada – father of 4 children
  2. 18-year-old Faizullah s/o Sayed Jalal Akhundzada


8 – On 12/08/2019 combined forces martyred 11 civilians on the night of Eid during a raid on Kolalgo area of Zurmat district, Paktia province.

  1. Ustad Safiullah s/o Dr. Alif – a teacher of Physics in Kolalgo school
  2. Qari In’amullah s/o Dr. Alif – madrasa student
  3. Ansarullah Waqas s/o Dr. Qudrat – second year teaching student in Paktia University
  4. Hayatullah s/o Muhammad Mukhtar – teacher at private school in Kabul
  5. Rahatullah s/o Abdulla – student and shop owner in Ghazni city
  6. Hikmatullah s/o Abdullah – teacher at Dawlatziyo school
  7. Nasratullah s/o Abdullah – student and shop owner in Ghazni city
  8. Muhammad Asif s/o Azizullah – principle at Dawlat Khan High School
  9. Fida Muhammad s/o Yousuf – farmer
  10. Nasrullah s/o Durak – farmer
  11. Fathullah s/o Wardak – farmer


9 – On the 09/08/2019 combined forces raided Marzako village of Sarhawza district, Paktika province, during which they broke down gates of homes and village mosque with explosives before dragging out two travelers staying the night at the mosque and ruthlessly executing them.


10 – From 11th-14th Muhammad 1441, locals in various areas of Yangi Qala district, Takhar province, suffered casualties and losses due to American airstrikes and Umar Khelo school along with the mosque and Madrasa of Shahri Kohna were also destroyed.


  1. Muhammad Zarif and his wife from Pie Shafiya village
  2. Naimatullah s/o Al-Haj Akram from Afghania village



  1. Mistari Habibullah s/o Mullah Nasruddin from Rahimabad village
  2. Daughter of Mistari Habibullah


Homes Destroyed:

  1. Muhammad Zarif s/o Sher Jan Khan – Shahri Kohna village
  2. Sowir s/o Tash Folad – Pie Shafeeha village
  3. Hamayun s/o Roydad – Shahri Kohna village
  4. Akram Bai – Afghania village
  5. Pahlawan s/o Eral – Jetu village


11 – On 15/09/2019 combined forces raided Suri Panh area of Sabari district, Khost province, during which they abducted 20 civilians.

  1. Gul Nabi Khan s/o Muhammad Nabi 2. Matiullah s/o Badshah Nur 3. Rahmat Hadi s/o Warheki 4. Gul Mat Khan s/o Gul Nabi Khan 5. Abdul Hadi s/o Haji Khan 6. Hadiyatullah s/o Rabi’ Gul 7. Wahab s/o Rahmat Gul 8. Sameel s/o Shafaq 9. Nasruddin s/o Khan Bahadar 10. Samiullah s/o Muhammad Ali 11. Rahmat s/o Shafaq 12. Nur Sharif s/o Khan Bahadar 13. Nabi Rahman s/o Ikhlas Gul 14. Habib s/o Rahmat Gul 15. Ihsanullah s/o Khoon 16. Jalal s/o Sayed Amin Shah 17. Qaribullah s/o Samandar 18. Nasruddin s/o Muzafar Khan 19. Saleh Rahman s/o Ikhlas Gul 20. Badshah s/o Ikhtiyar Gul


12 – Kabul admin troopers shelled Shamash Khelo village of Alishang district, Laghman province, with mortars from which a home was destroyed and 13 civilians including women and children martyred or wounded.


  1. 19-year-old Muhammad Ayub s/o Muhammad Amin
  2. 16-year-old Muhammad Asif s/o Muhammad Amin
  3. 9-year-old Folad s/o Muhammad Amin
  4. Bilal s/o Muhammad Amin
  5. 25-year-old Gul Khoban s/o Khair Muhammad
  6. 12-year-old Abdul Jabbar s/o Shah Murad
  7. 8-year-old daughter of Faizullah



  1. 10-year-old Abdul Hameed s/o Muhammad Hashim
  2. 11-year-old Samiullah s/o Nasrullah
  3. 9-year-old Naweed s/o Dadi Khan
  4. 35-year-old daughter of Ma’na

Two more civilians whose details have yet to be registered.


13 – On 11/10/2019 combined enemy forces carried out a raid on Naziyano, Qala Tak, Chahr Qala and adjacent villages of Alingar district, Laghman province, during which a number of civilians were ruthlessly executed and other losses caused including looting all valuables and cash from seven homes.


  1. Batur s/o Hamdullah 2. Mehrabuddin s/o Malim Barakatullah 3. Abdul Qahar s/o Haji Niyaz Muhammad



  1. Hamdullah s/o Deen Muhammad 2. Ihsanullah s/o Hamdullah



  1. Hidayatullah s/o Lal Muhammad


14 – On 29/11/2019 an American drone strike left 6 family members martyred as they left a hospital in a car after a woman gave birth to a child. A total of 3 women, 2 men and the new-born baby were martyred.


15 – On 08/11/2019 combined enemy forces carried out a two-day operation in Saraki Bala area of Chahr Dara district, Kunduz province, during which they displaced the locals, destroyed 5 homes and 4 motorbikes and took away 3 more motorbikes.

Homes destroyed:

  1. Mahmud s/o Abdul Rahman
  2. Shop of Abdul Hameed s/o Abdul Salam looted – Haji Rahmat village
  3. Habibullah s/o Ismail – Yaqub village
  4. Muhammad Noor s/o Allah Noor – Chahr Shaheed village


  1. 16-year-old granddaughter of Haji Muhammad Khan and two more civilians whose details have yet to be registered.



  1. Daughter-in-law of Haji Muhammad Khan
  2. Second daughter-in-law of Haji Muhammad Khan
  3. 4-year-old Bibi Zahra d/o Muhammad Yaseen
  4. 3-year-old Bibi Asma d/o Fida Muhammad
  5. 5-year-old Muhammad Idrees s/o Muhammad Hafeez
  6. 30-year-old Muhammad Naeem s/o Mahmud
  7. 80-year-old Mahmud s/o Adeena


16 – On 05/11/2019 combined forces raided Battai bazaar in Kolalgo area of Zurmat district, Paktia province, during which they destroyed gates of some 300 shops and looted valuables, set fire to 5 motorbikes, leveled a hotel, broke windows of 7 cars inside a dealership, beat up shop owners, destroyed gates of 20 adjacent homes with explosives, martyred Khan Muhammad s/o Khairuddin, destroyed a water well with a drone strike, stole valuables from homes and stole phone cards worth 200000 Afghani (local currency) from a money-exchange.


17 – On 09/12/2019 Kabul troops shelled Dah Sheikh village of Baraki Barak district, Logar province, from which 4 innocent children collecting firewood (bush) from a nearby mountain were martyred.


  1. Hamid s/o Umar Gul
  2. Omaid s/o Omar Gul
  3. Naik Muhammad s/o Gul Muhammad
  4. Irshad s/o Haji Gul



18 – On 23/12/2019 combined forces carried out a raid and airstrikes on ‘Ain and Pachaghan valleys of Najrab district, Kapisa province, in which the home of Abdul Qahar in Luka Khelo village was destroyed while he along with his daughter were wounded and others martyred.


  1. Omaid s/o Abdul Qahar
  2. Sameer Agha s/o Shakir
  3. Mariya d/o Shakr
  4. Wife of Abdul Sattar
  5. Mariyam d/o Ramazan
  6. Maleha d/o Ramazan
  7. Shumaila d/o Ramazan
  8. Two people in Bahram Khelo whose details have yet to be registered.
  9. Mir Agha s/o Gul Agha
  10. Khanzada s/o Gul Agha



  1. Jameel Aka
  2. Jameel brother of Abdul Qahar



  1. Nasim s/o Malak Baba Jan
  2. Asif Khan s/o Malak Baba Jan
  3. Sabrullah s/o Abdul Razziq
  4. Zahir s/o Fida Muhammad
  5. Dastagir s/o Faqir Muhammad
  6. Qadar Gul s/o Malak Sayed Akbar
  7. Rahmat Gul

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