An Interview with Mulla Aminullah Yousuf, the Jihadi in-charge of Urzgan province

Urzgan province is one of the central provinces of Afghanistan. Its four boundaries are as following: Ghazni province and a part of Zabul province in the east; Daikundi province in the north; Helmand province in the west; Kandahar and Zabul provinces in the south. The capital or center of this province is ‘Tarin Kot’ city. […]

Urzgan province is one of the central provinces of Afghanistan. Its four boundaries are as following:

Ghazni province and a part of Zabul province in the east; Daikundi province in the north; Helmand province in the west; Kandahar and Zabul provinces in the south.

The capital or center of this province is ‘Tarin Kot’ city. Its total area is 12649 km2, and its population is nearly 400,000 people.

Previously, districts of Hazara tribes situated in the north were administered from the center of this province but during the Karzai regime, these districts were separated and rejoined as a new province of ‘Daikundi’.

Besides the central city, Dehrawod, Char-Chino, Kharkhordi, and Chinartu are the main districts of this province.

We have conducted a detailed interview with Mulla Aminullah Yousuf, the Jihadi in-charge of this province. In the following lines, we would like to draw the attention of our esteemed readers towards it.

Question: In the beginning, if you could explain the strategic importance of ‘Urzgan’ province!

Answer: Urzgan province is one of the central provinces of Afghanistan. From administrative point of view, though it is related to thesouth-western zone, but since it is situated in the central part of the country therefore it is considered the confluence of several provinces.

It is mainly a mountainous region consisting of high peaks, deep and wide valleys and ever flowing rivers. This structure had given it a strategic importance in previous era of Jihad against the Russians by forming a stronghold for regional Mujahidin. Even today, the enemy is quite attentive that if once fallen in the hands of Mujahidin, it would become very difficult for them to re-capture it.

Another important point is that the present stooge setup was inaugurated from this area when puppet Hamid Karzai was brought here by special American forces, he was escorted and supported by capturing Urzgan and Kandahar provinces and then crowning him on the seat of Kabul.

Question: How would you evaluate the position of this province during the previous years of foreign occupation?

Answer: As I said earlier, during the whole era of Holy Jihad against the American invaders, this area had drawn the attention of the enemy. Therefore they had deployed American and Australian invading forces and had built several well-fortified military bases. But contrary to expectations, successful Jihadi attacks were incessant against them in this area in which colossal financial losses and casualties were repeatedly inflicted on both the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces.

After 2009, with the increase of Mujahidin’s influence due to liberation and control of several areas, the foreign invaders also amplified their forces by building military centers in each village and forming the notorious Arbaki militia. In this way several suburban areas of this province collapsed to these unrestrained Arbaki militiamen resulting in a new dark era of brutality, savagery, looting and plunder for the oppressed people.

Despite all these efforts and conspiracies of the enemy, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate did not sit idle. Unremitting blasts, guerilla attacks and Jihadi operations were proceeding in all districts of this province eventually defeating and compelling the foreign invaders especially the Australian and Dutch forces to evacuate the area. Ultimately the American forces also absconded from the battlefield and left their military bases to the local notorious Arbaki militia and their mercenary army soldiers.

Question: It is said that last year during the ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations, several areas were liberated from the enemy. If you could share their details with our readers!
Answer: As last year was fraught with successes and triumphs in several other areas of Afghanistan, similarly, by the grace of Almighty Allah, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate successfully managed to emancipate vast areas of this province from the enemy. As I mentioned earlier, several areas of this province fell under enemy control after the formation of Arbaki militia by American invaders but during last year’s ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations, all suburban areas and large valleys of this province, with the exception of district centers, were liberated and captured by Mujahidin.

For instance Shali gorge and Sultan Muhammad gorge of ‘Khas Urzgan’ district were liberated by Mujahidin and the enemy besieged in the center of this district. Kharkhordi district of ‘Char Chino’ region which is currently divided into two separate administrative units – one called ‘Kharkhordi’ and the other ‘Shaheed Hassas’ – was completely conquered by Mujahidin. In the remaining part, the minor bazaar of ‘Hoshi’ is under the enemy control however it is under our incessant attacks and is on the verge of collapse.

Warjan, Shorji, Sang-Salakh, Bazgir, Dahzak, Siasang, Shangholi and Ghara areas of ‘Dehrawod’ district, which is strategically even more important than the capital of this province for the puppet regime, were conquered by Mujahidin. By losing the gorge, the enemy is besieged in the center of this district. To defend the district center, a large army unit was sent from the capital city of this province which was thoroughly defeated by Mujahidin. Later special or commando force were dispatched from Kandahar province who are still under incessant attacks of Mujahidin.

Vast areas in ‘Chora’ and ‘Chinartu’ districts have been liberated and captured by Mujahidin as well. Moreover significant progresses has also been made in ‘Darveshan’, ‘Murad Abad’ and ‘Pai-Nava’ areas of this province.

Question: If you could explain the details of last year ‘Azm’ Jihadi operations in this province!

Answer: In the following lines instances of huge Jihadi operations undertaken and broadcasted in the media during the past year will be specified.

On Sunday 26th April, Gulab Khan, the acting police chief of ‘Urzgan’ province was killed in a successful attack of Mujahidin.

On Friday 22nd May, ten military posts were conquered by Mujahidin in which 40 soldiers of mercenary army surrendered.

Similarly successful attacks were carried out against the enemy in ‘Char Chino’ and ‘Dehrawod’ districts.

On Saturday 23rd May, commander Ismaeel, the security chief of ‘Char Chino’ district was killed in a blast.

On Wednesday 27th May, 37 Arbaki militiamen and policemen surrendered to Mujahidin in ‘Khas Urzgan’ district.

In the beginning of July, large scale attacks were launched by Mujahidin against the mercenary army and police force in Zamburi, Hoshi and Raigaki areas of ‘Char Chino’ district in which several areas were liberated from the enemy.

On Friday 17th July, the notorious former warlord and the security chief of ‘Dehrawod’ district, named Haji Talib and his deputy named Jan Agha Nanai, including four of their colleagues were killed in a successful attack of Mujahidin.

In the beginning of August, Mujahidin gradually advanced inside ‘Sultan Muhammad Gorge’. Eventually, on Sunday 23rd August, this wide and long gorge was completely conquered and liberated by Mujahidin in which tens of enemy soldiers were killed, several of them surrendered and the remaining ones absconded from the area.

In January 2016, fresh Jihadi operations were launched in ‘Dehrawod’ and ‘Char Chino’ districts in which four military posts inside ‘Dehrawod’ were captured by Mujahidin on Saturday 30th of January. Mujahidin’s progress was incessant until vast areas, with the exception of district center, were cleared from the enemy.

On Tuesday 1st March 2016, ‘Kharkhordi’ district was completely conquered and liberated by Mujahidin.
On Friday 11th March 2016, more than sixty soldiers of mercenary army surrendered to Mujahidin in ‘Ghas Urzgan’ district along with their light and heavy weapons.

In the closing days of March 2016, once again, well-planned attacks were launched by Mujahidin on ‘Char Chino’ district in which more than ten military posts were captured by Mujahidin and the enemy is completely besieged in the area.

Question: If the district centers are also conquered by Mujahidin, how would it affect the overall combat situation?

Answer: With the benevolence and grace of Almighty Allah, as anticipated and planned, if the centers of districts are also conquered and liberated by the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate then the capital city of this province cannot resist anymore. And if the provincial center is captured and liberated, it will inevitably be a huge blow for the enemy as they will lose their only toehold in the province.

As you might be aware, the Mujahidin are progressing by leaps and bounds in the adjacent ‘Helmand’ province. On the other side, significant advances have been made by Mujahidin in ‘Kandahar’ and ‘Zabul’ provinces as well.

If liberated, it will not be an easy task for the enemy to regain ‘Urzgan’ province as general masses of this area are Jihad and freedom loving people. Similarly they have become vigilant and cannot be taken in or intimidated any more by the false and deceiving propaganda or hollow threats of foreign invaders as well as their internal stooges and mercenary forces.

Question: Is there any other faction or group apart from Mujahidin which could either confront or resist Jihadi operations of the Islamic Emirate?

Answer: By the grace of Almighty Allah, all the people of ‘Urzgan’ province are loyal to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and they have pledged their allegiance to His Excellency Amir-ul-Momineen, Mulla Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor (may Allah protect him). They are involved in the Holy Jihad against the foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces under one flag. Like all other provinces of Afghanistan, there is no obstacle or issue in this province too. In all 34 provinces of our country, there are only two provinces, where a small group of people are working outside the framework of the Islamic Emirate. In the remaining 32 provinces, there is no problem at all. The leadership of the Islamic Emirate has taken practical and sound steps to tackle the issue even in these two provinces which have proven beneficial.

Question: Thank you for all the above information. At the end, if you have any message for Mujahidin, kindly share it with us!

Answer: My message to our Mujahidin brothers is that the new year has set in and our fresh Jihadi operations have already been launched. So first and foremost we must correct our intentions or the objective in our mind. We should check our deeds and actions. Then we should turn our attention towards the annihilation of profanity and infidelity from our beloved homeland and the restoration of Islamic Sharia in it. Mujahidin should not be deceived by the devious propaganda of the external and internal enemy and should fully concentrate on their Holy Jihad as this is the only way of defeating the foreign invaders and expelling them from our beloved homeland.

We have deep trust in Almighty Allah and we are optimistic of victory as the glad tidings of liberation of vast areas across the country pour in on the daily basis. Therefore I ask the masses to unite and stand shoulder to shoulder with Mujahidin to intensify the ongoing Jihadi operations against the foreign invaders and the internal stooge enemy. It is our religious obligation to leave no stone unturned for the restoration of our sovereignty and the implementation of a pure Islamic Sharia in our beloved homeland. And the day is not far off when the infidel forces will be defeated and we will enjoy freedom and prosperity in a peaceful and serene atmosphere under the white flag of the Islamic Emirate!!                    Insha-Allah!!

It is never difficult for Almighty Allah!!!