October 03, 2022

Americans claim that killing and torturing civilians is a part of their military doctrine

Americans claim that killing and torturing civilians is a part of their military doctrine

Official sources of America say that all actions carried out by American troops in Afghanistan are regulated and conducted in light of military their principles. According to them, it is even permissible if civilians are being killed and tortured during their war.

The United States’ military public relations head Cristopher Gray said: “The American soldier will never be convicted of any crime in any court if they are accused of targeting or killing civilians in Afghanistan”. According to him the American soldiers perform everything according to military guidlines.

The American official (Cristopher Grey) has actually spoken the truth and has exposed the real diplomacy and killer face of the American invaders.

Sice past 17 years, these enemies of Islam and humanity have waged war against the defenseless and oppressed people of Afghanistan. They have killed more than three hundred thousand Afghan civilians with air strikes, drone attacks and chemical weapons on top of torturing more than a half a million. They, in addition to the bombardment of residential areas, deliberately destroyed hundreds of mosques, madrassas, schools, and health centers.

Yesterday a former governor of Kunar also attested to what of Cristopher Grey said during a talk show. He said that the reason behind the brutal killings of Afghan civilians and bombardment of residential areas in Afghanistan by Americans is because such act are permissible for them due to the agreement that has been signed by Kabul regime.

The governor added that whenever we investigated or talked to Americans about the casualties of civilians caused by their helicopters, they not only used to dislike our investigation rather, they prohibited us from showing any sympathy towards the civilian losses, nor to share our grieves to the victims’ families.

If the Americans and the puppet regime are thinking that continuing this terror and brutality against civilians will bring any benefit to them or they will force Afghans to be accept servitude and give up their struggle for the independence, then it is going to be nothing more than their buried dream despit the horrors of everything since last 17 years.

The invaders and their slaves must understand the fact that dozens of Afghans will join the battlefield to take revenge for every single brother that is killed. They will not give up fighting, nor will return back to their homes until they take the revenge of their loved ones.

So if the Americans do not present their killers to the courts for prosecution, it is easy for Afghans to do in a more appropriate way with the help of Almighty Allah. Throughout the past 17 years, thousands of Americans were terminated through the sacred sword of Jihad, which has made the Afghan Jihadist satisfied of their performance in the past as well as of the future. Allah willing.

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