February 06, 2023

American Soldiers are Victims of Trump’s Avarice

American Soldiers are Victims of Trump’s Avarice

Americans are killed time and again at the hands of the soldiers of the Islamic Emirate but apparently they never emerge from their secure bastions, as per U.S. Commander in Afghanistan John Nicholson. He announced that his forces all over Afghanistan are besieged and paralyzed from moving on the ground because of the operations and the attacks executed by Afghan Taliban movement fighters and that their movements are currently limited to helicopters. This brings to mind the pattern adopted by U.S. forces at the end of their war with the Vietnamese, until they evacuated from the rooftops of the buildings that they used to live in. The Afghan president had also confessed that his forces will not last more than 6 months if U.S. forces were to withdraw from Afghanistan.

What is behind this story? Why do they bear this stifling siege and suffer the harsh consequences, where every time Taliban finds an opportunity, they seize it to strike and destroy them with sacrificial and martyrdom operations?

Why do they insist to remain in Afghanistan despite time and again receiving coffins with their most beloved inside?

They throw dust in the eyes of their people that they are working hard to achieve their stated objectives in their war in Afghanistan, namely, fighting terrorist groups and protecting U.S. national security. But the real reason and main cause is that they are materialistic and slaves to their stomachs and greed.

They have not come to Afghanistan out of mercy or kindness to the grief-stricken and oppressed people, nor to bear for their sake hardships and disasters. No, they came for the mineral wealth that is buried beneath the Afghan soil. This is amongst the reasons that Trump refuses to withdraw, for he wishes to steal its resources and find compensation for all the losses incurred to his country. In a report by the American New York Times, it stressed the fact that the mineral wealth is the reason behind the U.S. President keeping his forces in Afghanistan.

Trump discussed taking advantage of this wealth with his Afghan counterpart, Muhammad Ashraf Abdul Ghani, who worked on reinforcing the extraction of these minerals, considering it an economic opportunity and participated with big companies in that context. Three of Trump’s associates actually met with Michael N. Silver, one of the executive officers of the American Elements Chemical Company, to discuss the process of extracting rare metals from there. He also owns DynCorp International, a military contractor company where the military personnel who work there would help in securing the excavation locations.

The American officials in 2010 estimated the value of the unused minerals in Afghanistan to be worth approximately one-trillion dollars, and this figure alone is enough to tempt Trump to remain in Afghanistan.

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