December 02, 2022

American generals in conflict with their people

American generals in conflict with their people

At a time when American public opinion against US military presence and occupation of Afghanistan has reached its peak and majority of Americans from all strata of society want the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, a number of war-mongering Pentagon generals insist on repeating failed experiences and prolonging their futile and costly mission.

A recent example of war-mongering American generals opposing the general public opinion is remarks made by the US Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley during an interview with ABC network. He stated that Pentagon is still not ready to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan because, according to him, the American mission in Afghanistan has not ended – without actually elaborating on what that mission is or why it has not reached an end point after eighteen years of war, human and financial losses, war crimes, exhaustion and humiliation.

US general Mike Milley commented about continuing the Afghan occupation as the US President, most members of the Congress and the majority of American people want to bring an end to endless wars that have failed in yielding any results after so many years of repetitive experiments.

The public opinion opposing the views of war-mongering generals is compelling and justified because senior Pentagon officials do not suffer from the war in Afghanistan, rather it is the blood of the sons and daughters of the American public that is spilt and money of the tax-payer that is squandered – in short all the losses are borne by the common American citizen. On top of this, there is absolutely no logical or ethical justification for continuing the occupation of Afghanistan. If American generals reiterate that the United State faces imminent danger from Afghanistan then this argument is not only flawed considering the current international conditions but the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also stands ready to give assurances about preventing Afghanistan from being used against anyone else once the occupation ends.

Just as officials of the Pentagon opposed the general public opinion half a century earlier during the Vietnam War until they faced a manifest defeat and humiliation, an even grimmer fate awaits them if they continue to reject the voice of their own people today.

The policy of the Islamic Emirate is that Afghanistan is our homeland, a land that has always remained sovereign and even managed to shattered the shackles of slavery during the colonizing periods of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Just as our nation proudly stood against the invasion over the last eighteen years and passed the test of endurance during calamitous stages, it remains resolute in continuing its sacred Jihad until the expulsion of the last invader by putting their complete trust in Allah (SwT) and taking inspiration from its proud Islamic Afghan history.

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