December 02, 2022

American crimes in Afghanistan and responsibility of International Community

American crimes in Afghanistan and responsibility of International Community
According to U.S. military statistics, American invaders carried out 1,113 attacks in Afghanistan during September. The Kabul administration welcomed these crimes and shamelessly urged the invaders to continue such attacks in the future too.
Although the invaders carried out more than a thousand attacks against Afghanistan within just one month, it is by the Mercy of Allah that despite such oppression and savagery they were not able to occupy any area under Mujahideen control and nor even protect their own facilities. Meanwhile, the Mujahideen liberated many areas under enemy occupation in various parts of the country and safeguarded the rights and security of our oppressed nation. Regarding the American strikes, the question arises as to who their real victim is if the Mujahideen are clearly not being impacted by them?
The reality is, 95% of the time the victim is the general civilian population. This is not a mere claim or accusation, rather according to hard evidence and eye witnesses the most affected by the invaders’ and puppet forces’ air and artillery strikes as well as their violent raids are general civilians going about their daily business. Among these civilians, women and children are especially targeted. To be victorious in the battle for hearts and minds, then, remains a distant dream for the invaders and quislings.
The free Afghan can never tolerate attacks by foreign occupiers on his beloved homeland. Those people who support the occupiers and request more attacks are simply traitors who despite having an outwardly Afghan appearance, are fully western in their thoughts and culture. They are an oddity in Afghanistan and therefore not representative of the people they forcefully try to rule.
History is repeating itself and the modern day Shah Shuja is again engaged in trying to destroy Afghanistan and in slaughtering his own people. But he too shall reach the ugly result of his treachery as occurred with his predecessor. The oppressed Afghan nation shall certainly be avenged while nothing but humiliation and defeat awaits the traitors.
The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the abovementioned attacks of the U.S. invaders on our beloved homeland and considers them state terrorism. We interpret such crimes as attempts to subdue an independent people.
The oppressed Afghan nation expects the international community and its neighbours to support its legitimate resistance against the occupying powers. There will be mutual benefit in this for both sides following the end of the illegal occupation, Allah Willing.

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