November 29, 2022

American congressman: (Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires)

American congressman: (Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires)

The US Defense Secretary James Mattis, while addressing the Congressmen last Tuesday on 6 February 2018, made assertions against ground realities when the congressman Walter Jones told him: “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires.”

And then asked him about the view of what the retired US Marine Corps Commander Chuck Krulak had said in an email, “No one has ever conquered Afghanistan and many have tried. We will join the list of the nations who have tried and failed.”

Certainly, Jones as a politician and Krulak as a military commander have said the truth, but Mattis, instead of accepting fact and reality replied to Jones, “there may be no doubt about Afghanistan being the graveyard of empires however the US has no imperial ambitions there.”

The question arises, if it is not occupation, then what is an occupation in the view of Mattis? If military forces of a foreign country forcefully reside in his country, impose on him the system of their choice, bomb his cities and houses and kill his people and imprison them, what would Mattis consider it? Would he call it occupation or merely assistance and cooperation with them?

Now when the Secretary of Defense of a country of the world that claims being advocate of freedom and justice escapes audaciously from the reality in the face of the whole world, it is not only shameful for him but for the Americans as well!

Though, it is a source of solace that American people know about the lies and cruelties of their ruling politicians and military. They now have reached the conclusion that some of their leaders commit atrocities and the whole American nation pays the price.

The American people must ask their leaders about what they achieved in Afghanistan in the past sixteen years by squandering billions of dollars in aid and sacrificing the lives of their children? They killed hundreds of thousands of human beings including children and women, millions have been driven out from their homelands, tens of thousands of villages and homes have been bombed and have inflamed various hatred and animosity among the people. Increasing narcotics trade have ruined the lives to millions of people, increased chaos and insecurity and consequently exposed America worldwide as a cruel power and one that is against humanity.

So would it not be better that instead of letting the grave of America be built in the graveyard of empires, to end the current occupation and allow Afghans to determine their fate?

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