America should not destroy herself under influence of Afghan and American contractors

It has been nearly 200 days since Donald Trump, the new American president entered the White House after winning the election;but no clear policy has yet been announced about the current war in Afghanistan. He is uncertain and does not know how to get rid of this futile war. Different views have been presented to […]

It has been nearly 200 days since Donald Trump, the new American president entered the White House after winning the election;but no clear policy has yet been announced about the current war in Afghanistan. He is uncertain and does not know how to get rid of this futile war. Different views have been presented to him, but he is vacillating whether to go forward and fall or go backward and mar all.

Majority of the people in America and the outside world are convinced that America has lost the war in Afghanistan, as its consequences are 180 degrees against their analysis and expectations. Tremendous casualties, huge financial losses and a severe political setback suffered by America inside Afghanistan can most likely become an exemplary defeat for them, by haunting the memories of their future generations.

American experts are trying their best to work out a plan which could, on one side, turn the current war in their favor and on the other, their international prestige (their political, military and economic hegemony) is restored. But from analytical perspective, to find such a solution will be a Herculean task.

On Thursday 3rd August, according to American media, the White House authorities were bitterly divided during a meeting on the dilemma of Afghanistan. In the same manner, Trump vowed not to ratify the plan of increasing American forces in Afghanistan unless he is fully assured of winning this futile war. Media further reported that President Trump and his new administration are unequivocal that the war in Afghanistan is heading towards a definite failure and embarrassment for all foreign occupying forces.

It is this indecisive stance of the new American administration about the dilemma of Afghanistan which analysts are terming as the worst kind of defeat. It is a war which cannot be won according to their own military commanders.


Hired Mercenaries:

Both politically and militarily thwarted and embarrassed, Americans are facing an additional gravity on behalf of hired mercenaries who are lobbying for perpetuating the ongoing futile war in Afghanistan as the American forces are not only stuck in their longest war in Afghanistan, rather their supremacy has been challenged on several other fronts in the world which has made the scenario even worse.

The British ‘Times’ newspaper reported that anti American forces and rivals are treating the Trump administration as a ‘bruised animal’; North Korea is weighing further ballistic missile tests; Russia has already decided to expel 775 American diplomats from her territory; even the troubled Venezuelan president has found ways of making fun of Americans.

Trapped in such a perplexity, the mercenaries are still trying to persuade the new American administration to extend the futile Afghan war.


These ‘hired mercenaries’ can mainly be divide into three categories:

  • Those American war-monger contractors under the emblem of notorious ‘black water’ who are interested in prolonging the war in Afghanistan for the sake of gaining money. These days, they have left no stone unturned to convince the new American administration to allot them huge funds for the continuation of war. Erik Dean Prince, the founder of ‘black water’ told an American television in an interview that despite spending a huge amount of $27 billion in Afghanistan by Americans per year, still their forces are killed and there are no signs of winning this war. If this war is handed over to ‘black water’ contractors, a significant 40% reduction of spending can be assured annually. He warned that the total withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan would mean the inevitable collapse of the present (stooge) regime of Kabul in a matter of weeks.


The ‘black water’ founder also suggested the puppet regime in Kabul to hand over all air-operations and intelligence work inside Afghanistan to the private militiamen of this notorious firm.

According to the ‘Military Times’ magazine, this firm has insisted that if endorsed, they can support the Afghan mercenary forces throughout the country in the least possible time.

‘Black water’ the scandalous private military firm is involved in numerous serious killing, kidnapping and various other war crimes both in Afghanistan and Iraq. All these felonies are carried out by those unrestrained contractors who received millions of dollars in return.

Richard Kohen, an American analyst of the daily ‘Washington Post’ also raised this issue in July this year by insisting that instead of winning the sixteen year long war, they (the ‘black water’ contractors) would deteriorate the prevailing complex situation, and thus increase snags for American forces in Afghanistan.


  • The next group which is coaxing the Trump administration in protracting the war in Afghanistan consists of those Afghan contractors who are bestowed to rule in Kabul with the benevolence of American invasion. These contractors (most once served in the hotels of Washington and London) fully realize that had it not been for the American invasion, they would not have enjoyed the rule in Kabul and neither would the warlords of yesterday become the generals of today.

It was due to American invasion that the former Afghan hotel servants of the west and the warlords of northern alliance were transformed into today’s puppet rulers of Kabul. Therefore they are trying utmost for America and other foreign occupying forces to stay their course in Afghanistan, despite their involvement in the slaughtering of 199 innocent Afghan civilians in a single incident. Seemingly these stooges are the rulers of Kabul but in reality, their food, drink, clothes and all other luxuries from top to bottom is borne by the American treasury. Without a doubt they would never wish for the American occupying forces to leave Afghanistan, as they are deeply involved in their vested personal and gang interests through neglecting the future and security of the country.


  • The third group is the pro-occupation media in Afghanistan. Just like the puppet Kabul regime, their source of finance is co-related with ongoing war and wide presence of American invaders. Simultaneously with the departure of American forces, they are going to lose all funding including other provisions. Pro-occupation Afghan media is the integral part of numerous other projects which sprouted immediately with the American invasion. The people who previously could not bear to publish a single magazine are now managing three or four full time satellite televisions simultaneously, though they are extremely low standard and partial. The sustainability of their funding, programs and staffs is entirely associated with the presence of foreign occupying forces therefore this group is trying tooth and nail to deceive and convince the American invaders that the ongoing (disastrous) war is vital for Afghanistan and you are widely admired by Afghan people. If you quit Afghanistan, Taliban will gain power again and will attack America. The pro-occupation Afghan media is involved in this unrealistic and misleading propaganda because this extravagant funding in dollars will evaporate with the flight of foreign occupying forces.


Considerate people for America:

The fourth group consists of people who advise the American authorities in the perspective of prevailing ground realities. They are mainly some American experts concerned and sympathetic about their country. They have always tried to highlight this futile war as harmful for both America and Afghanistan. They are persuading their authorities to end this war and completely withdraw their forces by sincerely assessing the ground realities and finding a peaceful solution, beneficial for both American and the Afghan people. Otherwise, the day is not far off when America will inevitably face a disastrous collapse.

Sabastian Gore, one of the Trump’s advisors is an example of this fourth group. He has recently expressed that the deployment of additional forces in Afghanistan is interrelated with the American national interests. He added that we have reached a conclusion that we are not be headed in the right direction.

He also disclosed Trump’s unequivocal stance both in Pentagon and the White House that all views of experts regarding the war in Afghanistan reveal that it is against the American interests, and the deployment of fresh additional forces would not be necessary.

Similarly, Loral Miller, the special American envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan said in an interview that the prospects of self-reliance for the Afghan forces are obscured. She added that we are far away from this goal by furnishing some figures.

Only 10% expenditure of Afghan forces and security organs are borne by the Afghans, while all the remaining expenses are managed by the world community. How is it possible for them to afford 50%, 60% or 90% of these expenses by themselves?

Since the (mercenary) Afghan forces are unqualified and cannot restore security, if not supported by the foreign forces, they would never be self-reliant. The American authorities should ponder on other alternatives instead of perpetuating the war in Afghanistan.


Who suffers financially in this war!!?

It is the duty of American experts to figure out the financial sufferings of the current futile and costly Afghan war.

For the last sixteen years, besides flaring fires in various parts of the world, the Americans are killing their own people too. Nearly 4500 people were killed in the 9/11 incident due to their own disgusting policies around the world. To avenge this incident, they have killed hundreds of thousand of more Americans.

According to the U.S Defense Department, 4486 American soldiers died in Iraq, and 2345 soldiers died in Afghanistan. (Though this figure is way smaller than the actual American casualties in these countries.) In addition, 1 million U.S soldiers were wounded in both wars, and a potential cost of up to $6 trillion has been suffered by America.

According to another report published by ‘Archive of Armed Violence’, more than 15,000 people were killed and almost 30,600 more were injured in nearly 60,000 armed incidents in 2016 in the United States. If these figures are multiplied by one or one and a half decade, the death toll and injuries of American people would rise tremendously.

The financial losses of America, in the year 2009 only, is depicted by ‘American’. It says that once, Americans were consecutively earning $752 per second but now, instead of profit, we are continuously suffering. With the passage of each and every second, we are losing $231 due to aimless wars waged by American authorities.

According to some other verified surveys, the daily expenses of American wars is estimated between 25 and 28 million dollars and such huge costs for one and a half year can definitely ruin a power.

According to a report published by Al-Jazeera on Wednesday 12 October 2016, in the last fifteen year in Iraq, Afghanistan and some other areas, 600,000 forces and civilians have been killed, more than 7 million people were displaced and a huge financial loss of $13 trillion has been incurred by America.

One can easily deduce from the above figures that it was a ridiculous decision by the then American authorities to impose an illegitimate and malicious war on the Muslim world, particularly Afghanistan. A futile and aimless war which could never be won on such irrational grounds. The only outcome of this war is additional casualties, colossal financial losses and the eventual collapse and destruction of the arrogant power of the world.

The Americans should realize that the Afghan people have suffered way too much. They might be fed-up with wars and their houses and lives might have been destroyed but they will never be fatigued from Jihad and struggle for the liberation of their beloved homeland and restoring their sovereignty. It is a part of their faith which can never be overlooked. It is the main reason that life and death are both equally considered a victory by a Muslim in the path of holy Jihad. On the contrary, the enemy is absolutely deprived of this divine generosity of faith and dedication!!!