November 28, 2022

America Repeats Failed Experience of Escalating War

America Repeats Failed Experience of Escalating War

A few days ago, the American President Donald Trump said in his annual speech that he does not hold peace talks with the Taliban. While their forces, tanks and warplanes have invaded our land, they kill our people for the last sixteen years and carry heavy bombardment on our villages and homes, but still they blame Mujahidin about why are they fighting against us!!

Military presence of foreigners in our beloved country is not only against the will and faith of the Afghan nation, but is also an illegitimate act according to international rules. This has also been said, from time to time, by equitable western politicians and writers who believe in independence of the nations.

The Islamic Emirate does not consider war as the only solution, however if there are no other sensible ways for independence of our country and establishing an Independent Islamic system, then they do not have other choice except resistance and jihad.

The invaders want from Mujahidin not to fight in a state of affairs where they themselves constantly carry on bombardments against Mujahidin and the Afghan nation. They raid their homes and imprison them. They do not discriminate between armed and non-armed mujahidin; on the other hand they consider their military and intelligence personnel as civilians on the pretext of wearing no military uniforms and carrying no weapon.

Until and unless both sides of the conflict do not agree on ceasefire, it is irrational to expect from Mujahidin not to fight.

For ending the war, occupation should come to an end, which is the main cause behind it. The only way to end the present misery and disaster is to refer to logic and reason, not foolhardiness, oppression and combat. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had proposed this to the invaders before the invasion as well, yet they refused it and accordingly they saw the consequences. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan once again considers it worth mentioning that the Afghan problem cannot be resolved by force, oppression and combat, but only with reason and respecting independence and will of the Afghan nation.

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