September 25, 2022

Ambiguous statements not in the interest of any party

Ambiguous statements not in the interest of any party

As the negotiations process aimed at finding a solution to the Afghan problem has entered a critical stage and foreign troops are to depart Afghanistan shortly in line with the Doha agreement, the officials of the new American administration have begun making a flurry of conflicting and vague statements about the Afghan state of affairs.

On the one hand, the new White House officials under the leadership of Joe Biden are talking about remaining committed to the Doha agreement, but on the other, they regularly make declarations that showcases their ambiguous and reluctant posture.

We believe that the roadmap for resolving the Afghan issue has left the fold of ambiguity and uncertainty. The protracted negotiations with America and the subsequent signing of agreement and comprehensive endorsement by international actors has clarified the pathway forward in Afghanistan. The agreement has clarified and identified responsibilities of each party that have to be implemented, and if there exists true commitment and sincere determination towards this agreement, then there remains nothing which might cause confusion and indecision.

The truth of the matter is that America was at an impasse and facing an uncertain situation prior to concluding an agreement because it could neither envision a military victory in Afghanistan nor did it have a path for an honorable exit. For years the America troops were embroiled in a conflict which the White House failed to define and convince the American people about. Now that an end to this conflict is in sight, and as important and notable steps have been taken in this regard over the past year, officials in the White House must herewith end their state of ambivalence and vacillation and begin taking clear-eyed steps towards resolving the issue at hand.

Moreover, vague statements about transparent issues serves no other purpose except birth mistrust and undermine available opportunities. Just as the occupation of Afghanistan and continuation of war does not serve the interests of any party, statements that harm this unique opportunity at hand and giver rise to mistrust are also not in the interest of either party.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — which has consistently had a clear policy — once again declares that just as the Afghan problem has not been resolved with extension mandates for foreign forces over the past nineteen years, it cannot be resolved with the same approach in the future either. The most reasonable and logical pathway forward to solving the problem is the peaceful approach which was agreed upon in Doha. The time is come for that agreement to take on a physical form from a written one and be implemented word for word. All alternative pathways will lead to nothing more than prolonging the crisis.

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