October 02, 2022

Video report: ‘Enemy Barbarity in Helmand’s Garmsir’

Video report: ‘Enemy Barbarity in Helmand’s Garmsir’

Al Emarah Studio, part of the Multimedia Branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cultural Commission, presents a new video report entitled ‘Enemy Barbarity in Helmand’s Garmsir’.

On the 29th of December 2017, the barbaric foreign and hireling troops raided the local Monday bazaar in Darweshano area of Garmsir district at around 10:00 pm at night during which they set fire to the shops and kidnapped the guard and several other civilians after ransacking homes.

Al Emarah Studio worker has visited the bazaar to talk to the locals about this latest war crime.

The video can be viewed and downloaded from the links below:





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